Does The Show Nancy Drew Deserve A Second Season?

Nancy Drew

If you like a good mystery and don’t mind engaging in some mind games, then Nancy Drew might appeal to you. Nancy Drew was first introduced to fans in the popular book series under the same name. She has been associated with various acts, such as the Hardy Boys. No matter the amount of time that has passed since her induction into the detective crime scene, she remains to be an integral part of pop culture. The new adaptation done by Lifetime based on the hero detective tries to give readers and fans a glimpse into the events that led up to Nancy Drew being herself.

What Is The Show Nancy Drew All About?

Nancy Drew is a mystery drama TV series based on the supposed character of a mystery book. The show follows the life of 18-year-old Nancy after her college plans are put on hold. The young detective finds herself in the middle of a ghostly mystery when she and her friends are witnesses and possible suspects to a murder. The Drew Crew team up to try and catch the person responsible for the murder. The CW announced on May 7, 2019, that they would be picking up the project for a full series. The first official trailer for the CW series ‘Nancy Drew’ was released on May 16, 2019.

The cast includes Kennedy McMann, who is the title character, Tunji Kasim plays Ned, who also doubles as Nancy’s love interest, Alex Saxon plays Ace, Leah Lewis as George, and Madison Jaizani as Bess. Freddie Prinze Jr. played Nancy Drew’s father but was replaced later on by Scott Wolf. On January 7, 2020, The CW announced the renewal of the series for a second season as reported by Den of Geek. But, the question is, does the show Nancy Drew really deserve a second season?

Why It Does

1. Nancy Has Always Been A Great Detective

In the book series, we get to see Nancy as a character with a knack and love for solving mysteries. The TV adaptation brought that out through Kennedy McMann, who creates a vulnerable yet strong and intelligent Nancy Drew. Nancy Drew can capture and hold the attention in a room immediately she walks in. Additionally, she can figure out someone’s true intentions and nature in a matter of seconds. These qualities in the detective make the show worth a second season.

2. The Drew Crew is Diverse

While Nancy Drew herself is quite an interesting and charming person, and the Drew Crew are all fascinating. The character George, played by Leah Lewis, has always been Nancy’s nemesis from high school. She is stubborn but smart. Bess, played by Madison Jaizani, is quite stylish but highly secretive. Ace played by Alex Saxon is naturally sweet and charming, and there are Ned and Nancy. The way the crew interacts and cooperates to try and catch a murderer on the loose is one of the reasons why the show needed the second season.

3. Did Carson Drew have Something to do with the Murder of Lucy Sable

There is nothing that screams drama than a teenage girl assuming that her father murdered someone. Midway the first season, Nancy starts wondering if her dad played a role in Lucy Sable’s murder. Towards the end, Nancy witnesses her father getting arrested, and more questions fill up the young detective’s head. A second season is necessary for viewers to find out Carson Drew’s fate.

4. Is Owen hiding something?

When the Drew Crew goes out to meet the sea witch Aglaeca, they learn that a blood sacrifice is necessary for the ritual. Owen seems to be the chosen one. The crew can’t help but wonder if the reason why he was chosen was because of his roots as a male descendent of the town’s founders. Additionally, when Bess comes closer to finding out what he is hiding, he warns her to stay away. The warning leaves Bess wondering if there is more to Owen than meets the eye. The second season will allow viewers to dive into why Owen was the sea witch’s choice.

Why it Does Not

1. Some Storylines were Left Hanging in the First Season

When the first season began, viewers learned that Tiffany’s husband, Ryan Hudson, had an affair with George. As the season progresses, the story dies down. Fans are left wondering why it was even introduced as a plotline in the first place. It would have played out even better if the writers had played into the dramatic aspect of this affair.

2. The Supernatural Parts in the Show feel like a Distraction

Since the show centers around the murder of Tiffany Hudson, the supernatural additions seem to take away attention from the main issue at hand. Nevertheless, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a creepy town full of secrets. According to Screen Rant, shows such as Midnight Texas have played well into this aspect. However, most of the characters, such as George and Nancy, come out as realistic people, and the fact that they accept the whole ghost thing seems somewhat confusing.

3. The Romance is a Bit Off

A good teen drama needs a lot of romance in its plot lines. Unfortunately, the relationships on the show don’t really measure up to other love stories in similar films such as Beverly Hills, 90210, and Dawson Creek. The pilot in the first season set viewers up for a complicated storyline involving Nancy and Ned. However, as the season progresses, it seems like the two don’t have enough scenes together to give viewers a clear picture of what the two have and whether they are meant to be.

Bottom Line

Nancy Drew has its bittersweet moments. Some leave the viewer completely intrigued, while some just seem random and obvious. Either way, the show Nancy Drew deserved the renewal for its second season as there is still more about the creepy town, Horseshoe Bay, that hasn’t been discovered yet.

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