Dominion 1.02 Review: “Godspeed”


Going into Dominion, I was looking forward to it. I was looking forward to the destiny aspect. I was interested in idea of angels and the possibility of them going to war. I’m intrigued by the fact that there’s a Chosen One and what role he’s going to play in all of this. The actual Chosen One though, not so much. In this episode, he is fighting against it with everyone- Michael, Claire, the other angels who want to kills him… The list just goes on and on!

This episode was, in my opinion, was a much more character-intense show, with a huge battle sequence between Alex and an angel at the end. In the episode, you learn more the other character’s in the series. Through her actions, you see that while Alex’s girlfriend Claire truly does love Alex, she feels a responsibility towards Vega. She feels that she has to stay there for the city and because he is the Chosen One, whether he believes it or not. You also see her growing closer to Bixby, showing that what many people thought simply something to save a citizen actually means something to her. You see her performing these deeds, not only saying them.

Another character we got a view of was the political consultant for Vega, Whele. He’s a very strange duck. When talking to Alex he tells him that he used to be a televangelist, but now believes only in power, nothing else. He especially doesn’t believe in the Chosen One. He’s using backdoor politics, even kept secret from the General, to keep the city safe. He’s trying to control the future of Vega with his son in the highness’ chair, which would allow him to be in charge. However, he’s not saying any of this. He’s actively telling his son there is no Chosen One. You see him work the politics. You see him talk about the hopes and prospects of Vega with William.

We even saw a little bit more into Alex’s character. We saw him fighting his role as the Chosen One, when he challenged Michael to a fight. We saw him actively discussing with Claire what to do about this situation. Frankly, I think that conversation could’ve gone on a little longer but that’s my opinion. We even saw him fighting it on himself, when he’s out on the road. The tattoos begin to shift, indicating that another message’s on its way but he just rolls his sleeve over it. He fighting a battle within himself and let’s face it, for the sake of the show he’s going to become the Chosen One but it’s going to be quite a ride to get there!

All in all, good show tonight. I still think that Dominion has one too many balls flying all over the place. Even if it doesn’t let one fall but takes it out for one or two episodes, this show could be really good. I want plots to develop naturally over time, not just have to be rushed into. I feel like the political storyline from this episode Whele’s story was good but a bit rushed. See ya next week!

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