Dominion 1.04 Review: “The Flood”

dominion the flood

When we last left our heroes on Dominion, Alex was running away from his responsibilities as the Chosen One. As we come into this episode though, we see the fact that Michael might die of his battle wounds from the last episode so Alex may want to take his duties a little more seriously now. He’s still having dreams of the tattoos being washed away and not telling anybody else about it but I guess that comes with the territory of being Chosen One right? In the end, Whele, played by Anthony Head, killed one of the main characters who knows which I’m sure is going to be the storyline somewhere down the road.

Looking at the actual episode though, again it streamlined the plot into two basic plots–one involved the General & Whele being blackmailed into revealing who the Chosen One is and family politics with Michael & Gabriel. One of my complaints was too many plots and so streamlining them like this is great. They’re still touching on other storylines and reminding us that they exist but saying that those are for another episode. We still had a female guard watching over the representative from Helena and we still had Whele show how little he trusts his son and his judgment. These were not, however, the main points of the episode. They were merely reminders that these storylines will be coming to fruition soon. As for the plot of how many people know about the Chosen One or more importantly who he is, it seems like in every episode more people learn. First it was that Noma, the female security guard. Now it’s Senator Frost. Granted, he did get shot in the head by the end of the episode but that’s beside the point. Alex and Claire have this argument at this end about whether or not she should reveal himself to Vega. By the end of the season, he may not have choice simply for story purposes.

I will also commend two of the actors, Luke Allen-Gale who plays Whele’s son and Christoper Egan who plays Alex or the Chosen One. I have criticized their acting in the past. I haven’t said it was bad but I have said that they don’t really want to be there. In this episode, they excelled! Egan did an amazing job from the hospital in the beginning to the fire stand at the end. It seems he’s finally grown comfortable in his role. As for Allen-Gale, he’s finally decided to play the part, so to speak. Once his father was being blackmailed and he had to step up, he did! While playing a good role in the show in general, finally standing up to his father near the end truly suited him.

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