Dominion 1.08 Review: “Beware Those Closest to You”


It’s season finale time, which means an extra long episode of Dominion, several cliffhangers, and questions about whether the show will be picked up for next season. I was surprised that it was the finale. I didn’t think they were enough episodes in the can so far to constitute an entire season but I guess I was wrong. When I found out it was an extra half-hour though I was pleasantly surprised! I was able to enjoy that much more of one of my shows.

Now, the show did have many cliffhangers. First, if someone can figure out who Uriel, Michael & Gabriel’s sister, is truly working for please let me know because I would appreciate it. She’s been shown at times working for both brothers and then in this episode she was helping Arika return to her hometown with yet another plot. I just don’t understand her. She can’t fulfill all of these plots but she hasn’t shown any real allegiance to any of them either. She did reveal that Claire was pregnant with Alex’s child, which set up for a wonderful argument between Claire and the Chosen One.

While she did have a point that not having him as father, as the Chosen One, the child wouldn’t always have a target on his back, she would never know what kind of father Alex would be. It was somewhat explained in the letter she read at the end that Alex wrote when he is, in another cliffhanger, going to go see Gabriel. While he doesn’t seemingly to go work with him, he doesn’t exactly go to kill him either. After Michael went on a killing spree after learning of humans torturing and dissecting angels, Alex feels he needs to know more. Speaking of Gabriel, Claire found out that William is leading the Acolytes. While his father leaves him outside Vega because he stayed loyal to him, he does tell him to never come back. I know that Claire will send out a search party. I know that he will be back. I’m just curious about the details. How will he get back? Why will he come back? Finally, what’s going to happen to Michael? We last see him flying off after realizing what’s he’s done, killing several humans. Again though, we know he’s coming back but how? Why?

All in all, I liked the finale. There were some parts that could have been done better. When Alex and Michael were talking, there were lines that were forced and also clichéd. Yes Alex, the viewers know that there is pressure on you. There’s no need to come out and state it. Also, when Gabriel was captured, you didn’t need to have Claire order Alex not to go see him. The audience knew he was going so what was the point of the whole song and dance? Finally, it seemed somewhat stupid. For example, in the beginning, Alex revealed that Michael had knowledge of the higher angels to the Senate so they wanted to interrogate him. When he went to see Gabriel with Alex, they left him alone but when they saw him in House Thorn, they wanted to question him again. I do like the show though and I do hope that it gets picked up for a second season. I would like to find out what happens to the Chosen One’s baby and Alex and whatever Uriel is up to. See you next year!

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