Donald Trump Spent $27k In Taxpayer Money Tracking Media Stories after Stormy Daniels Sued Him

For a guy that’s on Twitter and social media that often you would think that Trump might not have to pay out $27 thousand of the taxpayers’ money to track media stories that popped up after being sued by Stormy Daniels. Wow, that was mouthful, but it gets even better since Trump decided to order TVEyes, a company that tracks media stories across TV, radio, and print, to find every possible bit of data it could. What the data was is unknown but considering that Stormy Daniels’ confidentiality clause was invalidated it could be that Trump is trying to find anything and everything to trip her up that he can. It would be the wise move even if it could been as highly immoral, but then that doesn’t seem to be an issue at times.

In the grand scheme of the money that’s being tossed around so casually by the POTUS at this time $27 grand might not seem like a lot, but to the average taxpayer that’s quite the bill to foot even if it’s just cents on the dollar when all is said and done for so many people. It’s the fact that this kind of thing is being put on the dime of the taxpaying citizens that seems kind of suspect, no matter that it seems to be legal enough to pull off. In other words it seems okay for the POTUS to be leaning on the people for the things he needs and wants to see done but if anyone tries to lean on him or into him everything becomes an attack. No, no wait, let’s be accurate with this, it would be a ‘witch hunt’. Is anyone really surprised that Jim Carrey painted Trump as the Wicked Witch of the West after he’s cited that line so many times?

This issue with Stormy Daniels seems to be shaping up to be almost like the issue with Bill Clinton and his indiscretions back in the day, though there doesn’t seem to be any sign that Trump would go the same route and admit to anything. No matter what happened it’s about time to get over the issue and resolve it, though if neither person is willing to back down, and it doesn’t appear that way, then the fight is probably going to get nastier before it gets any better. Daniels isn’t going away and Trump is likely to keep forcing the public to foot the bill for his mistakes for as long as it takes to get her to turn the other way. It’d be nice to be able to turn our eyes towards the business of running the country and what Trump needs to do in order to keep things going but at this point if he’s going to put the bill on the taxpayer then it kind of becomes our business.

So far the current POTUS has demonstrated that he’s not above bending and even breaking his word when he feels like it, and he’s certainly not above dragging his office through the mud just to satisfy his ego at the public’s expense.

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