10 Things You Didn’t Know about Doubling Down With the Derricos

TLC has always been a network that knows what the people want. They know what to bring, how to bring it, and when to make it happen. They are not strangers to bringing some controversial stories to the world, and we are excited that they have decided that we need something calling “Doubling Down with the Derricos,” and that it’s everything we’ve ever wanted and more. We figured we should all get to know a little bit more about this show and what it brings to the world.

1. The Derricos are a Family

The Derricos are a big family, too. They are a constant party of 16, and they love their life as a big family. They have a lot of multiples – and as a multiples mom myself, I get that they are a lot of fun. This family, however, has multiple multiples. Four sets of back-to-back multiples pregnancies, that is.

2. Multiples Run in the Family

It’s not something that shocked them, to be honest. They both knew going into their marriage that this is something that they might face. They both come from large families with many sets of multiples throughout, so we can’t imagine that they were shocked (at least the first time around).

3. They Wanted a Large Family

The truth is that they are not disappointed that they have so many kids. In fact, they always wanted a large family, and they did get their wish. Now, we cannot imagine how difficult their every day lives must be (or how exhausted they are at the end of the night…and we are the parents of four!).

4. Mom’s Been Pregnant Six Times

For a woman with 14 kids, that’s impressive. That’s something we cannot even imagine. Trust me, too, as the mother of a set of twins. I had two singleton pregnancies followed by the twins, and I can’t imagine for the life of me experiencing another multiples pregnancy – and mine was as easy and as healthy as they come. It is so hard on the body.

5. All of Their Kids Were Naturally Conceived

As a mother of multiples, I can tell you that this is always one of the first three questions people ask when they find out you have multiples. It usually goes, “Are they twins? Were they natural? Are they identical?” My husband and I can actually answer most people before they ask their questions, and it never fails to shock us when they ask us about our sex life. However, this is a family who is willing to share that all of their sets of multiples were conceived naturally.

6. The First Season Involves a Pregnancy

When the show airs, you’ll see that this is a season in which the family is growing. They already have 11 kids at home, but they are expecting triplets. Mom is currently pregnant, and she’s working hard to keep her life running as seamlessly as possible with 11 kids from 2 to 14 already there – add a pandemic and no school and we imagine she’s a little stressed.

7. Mom is Out

Things take a complicated turn in Season 1 as Karen finds out that her triplets are in need of a little more care than she was aware of. She’s been asked to stay in the hospital now that she reached 24 weeks. She needs to do this to protect herself and her babies, and we get it. Multiples are notoriously early, and they can be quite small, and a triplet pregnancy is much harder than a twin pregnancy.

8. Their Singletons Came First

Their first two pregnancies were singletons. To those who don’t have multiples, that’s the term for a typical pregnancy in which there is one baby present. They decided to have baby number three, and they had a set of twins. Her fourth pregnancy, however, was a shocker. They already had four babies at home, and now she’s pregnant with quintuplets. Yes, that’s five children at one time – naturally conceived. They were literally taking their four kids and doubling that number and adding one. Then, they decided to have more kids. Eight was not enough, so they got pregnant again for the fifth time. This time, it was probably a relief to find out that they were having another set of twins. Now, she’s pregnant for the sixth time with her fourth multiples pregnancy in a row. They are having triplets this time.

9. They are a Beautiful Family

Let’s be honest, though, this is one good looking family. This is a woman who has given birth to 14 kids over the course of six pregnancies, and she looks amazing. Let’s all try to be a little more like Karen, okay?

10. Their Oldest Daughter is Mom’s Mini

When you look at the show’s promo photos, you cannot tell the difference between mom and her 14-year-old daughter. And, honestly, let’s be a little bit excited for Karen about one. There are compliments, and then there are, “Mom, you look just like your barely teenage daughter even though you have 14 kids,” compliments.

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