Drew Carey, CBS Give Us ‘WTF’

CBS has just announced plans for an upcoming hidden camera reality series starring Drew Carey titled WTF! We know you think you know what WTF stands for, in which case you’d probably be a little shocked at family friendly CBS title choice. But you should know better, as in this case the network is telling us that WTF stands for Wow That’s Funny! Thanks, CBS for letting us know what an already popular acronym really means.

WTF will be a typical hidden camera prankster-type show that will add in flash mob tactics. CBS just shot a pilot presentation on Saturday where a troop of comedic agents turn a truck stop into a Five-star restaurant for long-haulers. The concept itself seems a little tired in my opinion, and it being on CBS doesn’t give me a lot of hope. But in the reality world they did manage to give us Undercover Boss this year, which hasn’t only been a Sunday night success, but it’s also actually quite good, for reality tv that is. But whether or not U.S. viewers are ready to make a prank show a hit on a major network will remain to be seen. At least with Carey at the helm, I’ll give it a chance.

Source: THR

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