10 Things You Didn’t Know About Duff Takes The Cake

You do not know what you can do until you try and Duff, who wanted to be a cook, instead ended up being a pastry chef; all because he lacked the experience of being a cook. Well, it was his destiny because now the cakes he makes have not only created job opportunities for others, but he has also amassed wealth worth at least $5 million. Duff is also the host of a new series “Duff Takes The Cake” and here are ten facts about the series that you probably do not know.

1. It aims to help people celebrate milestones

Cakes have for a long time been the preferred method of celebrating special occasions and in this show, it is no different. “Duff Takes the Cake” is all about recognizing the important milestones for those who are positively impacting their communities and helping them celebrate through the best way that Duff know how-unique cakes. For instance in episode three, “The Muppets Take Chinatown,” the team celebrates a longtime volunteer at the Firecracker Festival in Chinatown while episode two piles on the pressure for them to bake 21 bird-themed cakes at an ultimate surprise birthday party for a group of deserving kids.

2. It involves two main challenges: delivering on time and in perfect condition

Baking a cake is fun but for the team behind “Duff Takes The Cake” it is more than just bringing you some entertainment. While as with any plans there are some unforeseeable challenges, the team has to encounter many obstacles in their bid to deliver the cake. Among the most challenging tasks entail making the cake delivery in time and ensuring it is intact despite the locations being wild in some cases; take for instance delivering a cake in the middle of an arena surrounded by bulls, 2000-pounds bulls to be precise.

3. It is the fifth show hosted by Duff

Duff Goldman has become a renowned pastry chef and TV personality thanks to establishing Charm City Cakes and having several TV series. Duff, together with Loraine Pascale, hosted “Worst Bakers in America” which is a spin-off of “Worst Cooks in America.” One of the famous shows he is known for is “Ace of Cakes,” but he also was a judge of “The Holiday Baking Championship” which led to spin off shows like “Kids Baking Championship” in which he also was a judge. His other shows include “Buddy vs. Duff,” “Duff till dawn” and “Cake Masters.”

4. They will bake for social media followers

The series will have Duff and his cake engineers make cakes for their social media followers to culminate their special events and parties. However, how they pick the recipients of the cake is not yet clear; it could be random or by voting, but the bottom line is the team will bake the cakes for those who deserve it because they are contributing something useful to their communities.

5. Premiered on Food Network on 15 April 2019

“Duff Takes The Cake” premiered on 15 April 2019 on the Food Network. The first episode is titled “Baked, Sealed and Delivered’ in which Duff makes a wet-and-wild cake to celebrate the first birthday of one-year-old seal pup at the Aquarium of the Pacific. The series will have five episodes all running for 30 minutes but the president of Network, Courtney White promises to deliver the half-hour episodes filled with entertaining comedy.

6. It is named after Duff Goldman

The series pays tribute to the creative mind behind the works of art that come out as cakes by having the name of Duff Goldman in the title. Duff may have never wanted to be a pastry chef but that fateful day when he applied as a cook in Charleston but instead Cindy Wolf offered him the job of making biscuits and cornbread, was the beginning of a revolution in the baking industry as well as a turning point for Duff’s career. His name has become synonymous with unique artistry on cakes and of course with “Duff Takes The Cake” we can only expect the best, as usual.

7. The cakes will be baked in only a few days

Forget those few times you have tried baking a cake, and it does not turn out as perfectly as you expected, so you keep trying. Duff and his team do not have the luxury of time, and once they identify the person most deserving of the cake, they are in a rush against the clock to bake and deliver it in time. It is a thrill watching how Duff can transform heartfelt wishes from his social media followers from just a dream into something real and innovative within a few days.

8. Each cake will entail lots of creativity

Gone are the days when we bought baking tins for the cake to come out as round, rectangular and heart-shaped. The creativity has gone from the paintings and landed in our kitchens, more specifically Duff’s kitchen. Each cake that Duff sets out to make has to portray the exact wishes of the recipient, and he, therefore, ensures that none is like the previous ones he has ever made; that speaks for his endless train of imagination considering the many cakes he has baked. Besides, Courtney reassures that we will get unrestrained ingenuity and creativity in Duff’s cake designs.

9. It makes Duff rank among those with most shows in a year

With this series, Duff Goldman ranks with the likes of Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay who also have shows on the Food Network. The three are hosts of food series that have aired the most shows within a year. Bobby Flay entered a new 3-year contract in 2018 and already has a new show “The Flay List” in which he stars with his daughter Sophie.

10. The team behind the creations involves different professionals

Of course, coming up with some of the designs that Duff does in his cakes requires more than just baking skills. Duff has a team of expert builders, designers and decorators who enable him to overcome the challenges of unusual designs. Matter of fact is that when he started his cake shop, some of the people he employed included sculptors, painters, and architects; all to ensure that his cakes created a name for themselves through their impressive designs.

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