Dustin Hoffman To Lead ‘Luck’ From HBO

Dustin Hoffman is not an actor who got his start from television. That’s not to say the veteran actor hasn’t appeared in a TV series or two over the years, but they have been very few and very far between. Sure, he’s made some of the more memorable movies in the past 40 years including The Graduate, Rain Man, Tootsie, and Meet the Fockers. But when it comes to television, he’s either had simple cameos or voice only parts, with the exception of Death of a Salesman, in 1986, where he played Willy Loman and won an Emmy for his performance. But now, it seems that Hoffman is slated to star in a new series from HBO titled Luck.

He’ll play the very intelligent but flawed man who has just been released from prison after four years. The character is Ace Bernstein, a 60-year-old gambler who immediately finds his way back to the track after getting out of prison. Why? Because he thinks he’s found a new way to beat the system and win big.

The new series will also star Dennis Farina (Law & Order) and John Ortiz, and Michael Mann will direct the pilot. David Milch will executive produce Luck, his third series created for HBO. Past credits for the network include Deadwood and John from Cincinnati, and he was also exec producer for NYPD Blue on ABC. Luck is set to go into production this month and HBO is aiming for a January 2011 launch.

Source: Variety

photo courtesy PLATON/CPI

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