Dwayne Johnson’s Heartfelt Video After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

It’s a definite sign that people have grown used to a disease when a big celebrity managing to contract it doesn’t affect a whole lot of people in a negative way that causes them to overreact any longer. Of course, many people were still shocked to hear that Dwayne Johnson and his family had tested positive for COVID-19, but it still feels as though the outpouring of emotion wasn’t nearly as panicky as it was when Tom Hanks and his wife were heard to have the virus. Unfortunately, it does strike at parents pretty hard to hear that their children, who aren’t supposed to be as susceptible to the virus, have contracted it as well, but the good news is that it sounds as though the Johnson family is doing just fine and has come through the exposure in a manner that’s bound to see them move forward in a very enlightened manner. While Dwayne was no doubt going to share his experience in order to inspire others, it’s fair to say that his words and those of many others are still going to be listened to, but they’re still going to be taken with a big grain of salt thanks to the idea that the virus has been a huge talking point over the last several months. When people look back on 2020, if they do so on purpose, it’s likely that many will say ‘good riddance’ since this year has been filled with little more than trepidation and heartache for many people.

To hear that Dwayne Johnson and his family contracted the virus has definitely elicited a response from a good number of people that are hoping the family is doing well, but none more so than the family that unknowingly passed it along. While Dwayne obviously harbors no ill feelings it’s likely that the family, friends apparently to the Johnson’s, are mortified that such a thing could have happened. While it’s very possible that Dwayne and his family have absolved the family of any wrongdoing, since it’s very possible that they didn’t know that they had it in the first place, it’s also bound to be another call for everyone that hasn’t been tested to get tested. While common sense might state that this would be something that everyone should do, it’s also very likely that it won’t happen with every last individual since whether anyone likes it or not, there are still plenty of people out there that believe the pandemic is a hoax and that the effects are being overblown in a huge way. The truth is that the virus is very real, but the reaction to it has been varied in a big way since the reaction of our world leaders has been so varied.

Like it or not, the leaders that people depend on, be they in government or in the entertainment industry, where they can influence a greater number of people, have had a varying response to this pandemic. Many that are in the public eye have gone to great lengths to stay safe and promote safety among others, but others have not given into the paranoia and fear that so many want to spread, though to their detriment, unfortunately. Dwayne is not one of those obviously since his message is meant to keep people aware of what has happened to his family and to help people realize just what it will take to get through the pandemic in one piece. Many people have already been lost to this horrible virus, and despite the fact that the numbers do feel as though they’ve been skewed to influence public opinion, but the argument for this is something that’s best left to another opinion site, since focusing on Dwayne and his family at this point is what’s really important. It’s great to hear that his family is doing well and that he’s doing okay, and hopefully, they’ll stay that way and the pandemic will begin to wind down along with the year since plenty of people are hoping that 2020 will be the worst year in the decade, but it’s early to make such a wish since there’s no telling what could still be coming. Getting prophetic and making best guesses isn’t a wise idea at this point as many people would state, but the hope of course is that things will get better, and it’s a worthwhile hope.

Whether or not the virus will simply wear itself out or a vaccine that people will trust will be found eventually, it’s safe to say that life has already changed and it’s not bound to go back to what we were used to a short while back. How things will progress moving forward is anyone’s guess, but at this point, it feels accurate enough to say that the world our kids will grow up in is going to be just as different as the one we grew up in.

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