Does Dylan Sprouse Pull Off a Psychopath in “Dismissed?”

This might seem like total fantasy if not for the fact that young people have been seen to be increasingly unstable throughout the last few decades. The simple fact that Dylan Sprouse is playing a psychopath in Dismissed is more than just a film role, it’s a very frightening and over the top look at a mind that cannot handle even the smallest bit of rejection that is aimed in his direction. Perfection is key and nothing can be allowed to ruin the personal Utopia that he’s attempting to create for himself. We’ve all likely seen at least one movie like this in our lives but Dismissed looks like something that’s uniquely disturbing.

Students today are quite often lackadaisical and don’t seem to want to learn anything that they can look up online. It’s not so much the use of technology as it is the fact that we’ve moved away from the adherence to tradition in a way that invites a serious lack of discipline. Lucas however is a student that wants and expects the very best, and if he can’t get it then he will feel the need to challenge authority in an attempt to show that he is the one in the right and those standing against him are either wrong, inept, or both. Challenging a teacher by asking where they got their degree is hardly ever a good idea when you’re still a high school student and bound by the limits of your experience.

Of course if you’re talking about a psychopath in the making, which Lucas most definitely is, then doing anything to set him off is not a good idea. The only problem is that no one else seems to think that Lucas is that bad, except for the one teacher that had hope that he might be the model student. Unfortunately his opinion doesn’t seem to matter as much to a school system that, after seeing so many students flunk or drop out or simply quit trying, are more inclined to nurture Lucas than see the harmful qualities he might possess.

So of course the teacher goes to Lucas’s father, who looks about as strung out as a person can get, and receives nothing more than another stonewall attempt. Unfortunately by now the father knows that Lucas is beyond unhinged when he’s not acting the role of the nice guy, and has likely done nothing to rock the boat since a psychopath will often lash out at anyone in their way, including those close to them. It’s not a foregone conclusion, but it can happen.

In terms of being another thriller film that is centered around a high school student it looks interesting enough to watch. It also seems like it might take just a little bit to get moving and really get interesting, but once it does it seems the kind of movie that could be very entertaining.

So does Dylan Sprouse make a convincing psychopath? So far the answer is a big, glow in the dark YES.

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