E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Gets the Honest Trailers Treatment

This is what happens without any summer blockbusters to rag on since Honest Trailers is bound and determined to come up with just about anything that they can in order to keep pushing forward. E.T. the Extraterrestrial is considered by some to be flawless and not worthy of criticism but if you’ve been watching this channel for a while now then you’ll know that this just isn’t the case, and a little bait and switch with the horrific Mac and Me wasn’t bound to really distract people from the idea that E.T. is imbued with a few big flaws throughout its length since the whole idea of keeping an alien life form under wraps at home while the government is out looking for it is kind of hard to buy. Plus, imagine explaining to anyone that a kid in school passed out drunk without having a single sip of alcohol? That would be a tough one for Child Services, wouldn’t it? Then there’s the whole idea of E.T.’s powers, just how expansive are they? Obviously he can do some wonderful things and extend his range a bit, but that still leaves a lot of big questions such as how long can he sustain it and what kind of a strain does that put on his body? Obviously these are things that Spielberg either wasn’t thinking about or didn’t believe that people would ask about since they didn’t come up at any point in the movie.

But flawless? Not quite. Mac and Me was flawed beyond repair, as the dance scene in McDonald’s was something that you might have trouble getting out of your head after a while. But E.T. still has plenty of other flaws that a lot of people might not want to see pointed out since to be certain, a lot of folks happen to love this movie in a big way and it helped define many a childhood since the magic of E.T. is that it’s one of the many movies that made it okay to suspend belief for a while and just go with it. Sometimes that’s the trick to enjoying a movie though, put your belief elsewhere for the time being and just enjoy what’s there. If not for that then E.T. would be subject to just as many questions as any other movie since flawless isn’t the word to describe this movie despite the fact that the effects, for that time period, were pretty good and it was an impressive movie. But like many others it was fun and it was engaging, but it was also something geared towards kids, and unfortunately, there’s still an idea that kids’ movies can’t always contend with other movies, even if it’s been proven wrong before.

When it comes to design there are a lot of questions to ask since E.T. was more or less a lump of misshapen flesh with a long neck and bulbous head with humongous eyes. One has to wonder where the idea for the alien came from and why it looked like it was unfinished when a lot of people know just how much of a stickler Spielberg is for detail. That makes a person think that this was the finished product and somehow he believed that a creature looked like a half-melted candle with eyeballs was going to win people over. Somehow the alien did though, and since then E.T. has been a legend when it comes to movies since there haven’t been a lot of ideas that could possibly top this one. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a lot of people are going to sit around and welcome the alien back, as the thought that was that there might’ve been another E.T. movie in the making thanks to a commercial that came out months ago and managed to work a lot of people into an emotional tizzy. Maybe it’s a personal thing or maybe it’s something else, but alien movies that are overly touching and heartfelt somehow come off as a little, contrived. Alien movies that are hard-hitting and fashioned more for adults are often those that tend to be a little more popular in a lot of ways, perhaps because they deal with situations in a slightly more realistic sense (feel free to laugh) and aren’t so touchy-feely by the end. Or maybe it’s just as I’ve said for so long, along with everyone else, to each their own.

E.T. touched a lot of people in a very profound way when it was released and it’s been held up as a true classic for many years now and probably will be for a long time to come. While a lot of us can point out whatever we think is wrong with the movie in one way or another, the point is that it’s perfect to some folks and that’s the way they like it.

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