10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eamonn Holmes

Eamonn Holmes

Eamonn Holmes is someone that a lot of people might look at and say ‘who?’, but he is a certified star thanks to his time put in as a broadcaster and journalist. If you don’t know him it’s easy enough to look him up and discover just what he’s done in his career, which is plentiful to be honest. While he hasn’t always been the biggest star around he’s done plenty to cement himself as someone that you can rely on and can say is dependable enough to always be there when people need him in order to give them the news, gossip, and otherwise low-down on what might be happening in the world. It’s not too hard to see how a lot of people might not know that much about him but it’s also fairly easy to see why he might be afforded the kind of status that is needed to be trending.

Here are a few things about Eamonn you might not have known.

10. He has a net worth of around $5 million.

Obviously he’s done something right in his career to have earned this much and to have managed to create a space for himself in the spotlight where people can see and appreciate him in this manner. While it might not be the greatest net worth the world over it’s still a very easy number to be slightly envious of.

9. Eamonn is in his 50s at this time.

He’s definitely reached that age when retirement might be looming on the horizon, but as of yet it doesn’t seem as though he’s given it too much thought since he’s still plugging away at his career and doesn’t seem to be contemplating that day at the moment. Some folks keep going until they’re not just old and gray but simply can’t function any longer.

8. He co-hosts a morning show with his wife.

One might think that this would be enough to ruin a career but it would seem that it’s strengthened their bond quite a bit since they have more to share and are around each other so much that it’s possible for them to fully understand what the other is thinking and how to respond in kind. Some couples can pull this off, but it’s an exception, not the rule.

7. There’s not a lot that’s known about his family background.

It is known that he has four siblings but anything about his parents seems largely unknown for whatever reason. This could be due to personal choice or something else but usually when parents aren’t mentioned that much and one’s childhood is left out of the picture it becomes more evident that personal reasons are involved.

6. He was honored with the Order of the British Empire.

This is a big deal to be honest since it’s not something that people can simply earn by being the absolute best they can be. Some folks might want to know just what he did to get it but it feels more polite to say that he was given a great honor and that’s enough.

5. Eamonn worked for a business magazine before getting into TV.

There’s no doubt he might have picked up a few pointers at this job and could have used them to help secure himself a position in TV. Or it could be that it was just a means to an end in an attempt to get on TV and start up the career he wanted. In any case he wasn’t idle before he landed on television, and likely picked up a great deal before his career really took off.

4. He was given an honorary degree from Staffordshire.

There are those people that turn up their noses at the mention of an honorary degree since it doesn’t seem to mean as much considering that some feel the recipient didn’t really work for it. Quite honestly though these degrees are usually handed out when a person has done something extraordinary in a given field and has therefore earned the distinction even if they haven’t gone through the process that the degree might otherwise require.

3. If you didn’t already know he studied journalism while he was in school.

Getting in front of people and telling them what was going on in the world was obviously an interest of his from the start since one doesn’t just step into journalism unless its a prerequisite course or they’re interested in this type of career.

2. He’s starred in a few movies as well.

He has had his time on screen apart from his talk show and has managed to show up in a few different movies that have made use of his talents and name.

1. He was married and had children before he married his current wife.

Whatever the sordid details are they’re no likely to be any worse than any other celebrity since at this moment he seems quite happy and his kids seem to be doing very well.

Look him up, you might be surprised what you’ll find.

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