Earth-X Is Coming To The CW In This Years ‘Arrowverse’ Crossover

Mainstream superhero comics loves its alternate realities. After all, it provides the creators with a chance to explore other possibilities for the fans’ favorite characters, which can result in some rather interesting material from time to time. One example is DC Comics’s Earth-X, which has seen some significant changes over the course of its existence but can be summed up as “Nazis remain as threatening in the present as in the Second World War.”

What Is Crisis on Earth-X?

DC Comics uses “Crisis” to indicate a crossover between alternate realities, so it should come as no surprise to learn that Crisis on Earth-X was a crossover event. To be exact, it was a crossover that saw the members of the Justice League and the Justice Society lending a hand to the members of the Freedom Fighters to put an end to the Second World War on said world, which had continued for decades and decades.

With that said, Crisis on Earth-X is now the name of an upcoming crossover event for the Arrowverse, which will see Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl crossing over in much the same manner as Invasion! Not much information has been released about the crossover event, but the comic book cover that has been released for the sake of promotion makes it clear that we can expect to see superheroes going up against their Nazi counterparts.

This is something that is more than a little bit reminiscent of Earth-10 in the comic books, which is a clear reference to Earth-X because of the Roman numeral for 10. Said setting had a Nazi version of the Justice League, which boasted counterparts of Justice League members such as Overman for Superman. The comic book cover that has been released for the Arrowverse crossover event makes it clear that Supergirl will be facing off against her Nazi counterpart, but it remains to be seen whether the crossover event will feature more than just Nazi counterparts of the Arrowverse superheroes.

Regardless, what is interesting is that the Arrowverse crossover event will be featuring the Ray, who was one of the members of the Freedom Fighters from Crisis on Earth-X in the comic books. It remains unknown whether other members of the Freedom Fighters will be making an appearance in the Arrowverse crossover as well, but interested individuals should know that there will be an animated web series centered around the character making its debut in the not so distant future as well, which could serve as the setup for something more. All of which is interesting because the Ray and the rest of his team-members came from a buy-out of Quality Comics’s characters when it went under, meaning that most of them have seen little use in modern times.

Having said all that, the exact details of the Arrowverse version of Crisis on Earth-X remain to be seen. It being set on Earth-X can tell us a fair amount about the general outlines, but the exact details have seen significant variation from version to version. As a result, it seems reasonable to say that the crossover event will be offering something familiar as well as something unfamiliar, which could make for a rather interesting combination once it comes out.

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