Eight Examples of When Superheroes Went Bad


Superheroes are a great breed of character. Let’s face it.  They save us when we are in need and you rarely if ever see them fail to get the job done.  But do you ever think of the damage that these guys do on a daily basis? Never do we stop to realize the “hey, that dude ruined my windshield!” or “what the hell? how am I going to fix the roof of my house?” Sometimes we don’t acknowledge that while these superheroes are beacons of hope and peace, that they sometimes ignore the law to do their jobs. Is this OK? Well it’s a topic that’s never really explored.

And I for one won’t stand for when superheroes get drunk, cause public property damage and even get high from time to time.  Here are 8 examples of when superheroes go bad

Superman Has a One Night Stand

One of the best Superman scenes of all time

Hancock Flying Drunk

You have to admit, this is a funny concept

Spiderman had one too many

This is awesome

Iron Man has one too many


Superman and Zod

Possibly one of the biggest displays of destruction of property ever (except for in Man of Steel)

Wonder Woman Breaking and Entering

She’s destroying public property every single episode.

The Incredible Hulk Ruins a Wedding

Probably not the kind of surprise the bride and groom were looking for.

Evil Superman is Hilarious

Don’t you love this guy?

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