10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eijaz Khan

He’s an Indian actor who has been working in movies and films for more than two decades, but his new role is an interesting one. He’s now on reality television, and it’s an interesting departure from what his fans are accustomed to seeing him do. Eijaz Khan is a man who is now showing himself to be a man who has many additional facets to his personality than we thought, and we are interested in getting to know him better. The Indian actor is one who is worth getting to know a little more than we already do, so sit back and prepare yourself to learn a lot more.

1. He’s in His Mid-40s

He was born on August 28, 1975. He celebrated his 45th birthday in 2020, and we hope he was able to spend it with his friends and his family and not locked down because of the pandemic. It’s a big birthday, though it’s not a decade milestone. It almost feels as if anything that ends in a 0 or a 5 is a big birthday, does it not?

2. He’s the Oldest of Three

He is an older brother to a younger brother and a younger sister. Being the oldest often makes you the role model, the helper, the one who has to do all the leading by example. It’s a big role, and it often leads to the oldest always being the most inherently responsible kid in the family, and we wonder if this applied to him or if there was an exception to the rule in his upbringing?

3. His Parents are Divorced

The sad thing about his parent’s marriage is that he was only three when they went their separate ways. This is also interesting because he is the oldest of three kids, so his mom and dad must have had their babies back to back. We aren’t sure how old his sister is at this moment in time, but we did read an article that states she’s 8 years younger than he is, so she must belong to his mother and a stepfather or a later boyfriend she had after his parents split.

4. He Did Not Live With His Mother

Growing up with divorced parents is hard, but he didn’t know his mother well. She lived in Hyderabad and he lived in Mumbai with his father. He and his brother stuck with his father while his mother and sister went to Hyderabad. They didn’t see her, know her, or spend any time with her.

5. He Didn’t Know His Sister Until She Was 13

What makes us understand how bad his relationship was with his mother is the fact that she lived with his younger sister, and he didn’t meet his younger sister until she was 13. This tells us he did not see his mother or spend any time with her after his parents split.

6. His Mother Passed When He was Young

When he finally met his younger sister, it was 1991. She was 13. Their mother passed, and he and his sister met for the first time. We cannot even imagine the horror that this family must have gone through at the end of this marriage for them to split themselves apart and never meet one another over the course of 13 years.

7. He Has a College Degree

When he was finished with his initial education, he decided to attend college. He went to the Datta Meghe College of Engineering. He attended classes the entire course of his career so that he could leave college with a degree in civil engineering.

8. He Was Nervous About Living with Many People

When he made the decision to do reality television in 2020, he was nervous. This is not like him, and he’s never shared his home with so many people at one time. This was a lot for him to take on, and one of his biggest issues was sharing a bathroom with so many people. We get that. We don’t want to share a bathroom with that many people, either.

9. He Snores

He’s not someone who tries to hide the fact that he snores from his fans and his friends, but he’s also not the kind of guy who wants to make them listen to him do it all the time. That was another issue he had in his decision to join this reality show. He snores, and he didn’t know if he would allow anyone in the house to sleep well as a result.

10. He’s Private

Despite making the decision to head to reality television, this is a man who is rather private. He likes to have his own space, he likes to live his own life, and he likes to spend his time doing things on his own. He’s not accustomed or comfortable with sharing so much about himself, but he’s getting used to it.

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