10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ember Moon

Ember Moon

It’s so easy to say that some of the women on the WWE roster are there because they have the kind of looks that draw the attention of the male viewers and inspire the female viewers in a big way. But Ember Moon is one of those that is both beautiful and fierce-looking at the same time and can back it up with the kind of performance that the WWE prizes and the fans love to see. Her popularity has been increasing throughout the last couple of years and she’s been seen to be more prominent as people continue to watch and enjoy the kind of in-ring action she’s capable of, but at this time it would seem she’s still looking to really establish herself in a way that will make sense and will give the kind of credit she needs to really shine and become the breakout hit that everyone wants her to be. She’s fierce, she’s beautiful, and she’s a lot of fun to watch, but sometimes there’s just little bit of extra that is needed to put someone over the top.

Here are a few things about Ember Moon you might not have known.

10. During her school years she had to deal with a lot of bullying.

When she was younger there were a lot of days during which she was harassed and bullied due to her love of wrestling and video games. It stands to reason that a lot of those people might not bother her as much these days since she’s in pretty good shape and more than a little famous.

9. Her grandfather introduced her to the world of wrestling.

She would watch RAW with her grandfather when she went to his house, and this is where she became a fan. A lot of people have been wrestling fans since they were kids, but only the most dedicated have ever decided to make the jump into the profession.

8. She started wrestling under the name Trouble to start with.

It’s not the most intimidating name to be certain but it might have been all she could come up with at the time since a lot of wrestlers don’t bother using their real name unless they don’t have anything else to go by. She did wrestle under her real name for a while but changed it out quickly as the years went by.

7. Ember competed on the independent circuit for quite a while to get her career going.

This is the same story with a lot of wrestlers that want to get to the big leagues, and it’s something that a lot of fans don’t seem to realize. These new wrestlers don’t just come out of nowhere knowing how to perform one move after another. Most of them have been on the circuit for years before finally reaching the WWE.

6. She finally got to sign with WWE in 2015 and joined NXT.

This is something that a lot of wrestlers dream of since at this point the WWE is THE place to be when you’re a professional wrestler and it’s the top of the world in terms of a person’s career. Ember made it to NXT and then finally impressed enough people to make it to the main roster.

5. The name Ember Moon didn’t come around until 2016.

Names tend to change more than once as many wrestlers try on one only to have it change if they happen to go from one promotion to another. Even the greatest wrestlers had different names back in the day before they became really popular.

4. She’s married to another professional wrestler.

It does kind of make a bit of sense for wrestlers to get in good with each other since they both know the lifestyle and therefore won’t be too disappointed when they have to be on the road for so many days out of the year. Plus, there might be a lot of interesting stories between the two of them.

3. Ember is a big comic book fan.

Believe it or not there are adults that won’t bother admitting this unless they’re using the past tense, but then there are those of us, yes me too, who gladly acknowledge that we’re fans of comic books and still enjoy them to this day, albeit when we have time rather than obsessively.

2. There are a lot of wrestlers she cites as her inspiration for getting into the business.

Kurt Angle and The Rock are just two among many that she cites as being role models during her rise to her current position, and Booker T was her mentor for a while so it goes without saying that she’s learned a lot while making her way up.

1. 2018 wasn’t exactly a big year for her.

Thankfully you can’t call her a jobber since she’s done a lot more than just go out and make other people look good, but even with that in mind 2018 wasn’t the best year since she didn’t get a whole lot of action and seemed to be relegated to appearing when she was needed rather than being pushed as a huge star. This year so far seems like it’s looking up for her though.

Doubtless a lot of wrestling fans will know some of these without fail, but then not everyone is a fan of wrestling.

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