Enlightened 2.05 Sneak Peeks: Molly Shannon Guest Stars

enlightened hboTyler’s reasoning for getting involved in the twisted schemes of Amy Jellicoe has often been a mystery on Enlightened. At first, it seemed that he decided to go along with her out of boredom; then, there was the unrequited crush he has on Amy, where he thought that helping her out could get her to see him in a different light; finally, Tyler got into the idea of exacting vengeance on the company that has made him feel so small for so long. Although he’s always been a key cog in the plan to bring down Abaddonn, what would happen if Tyler decided that he no longer wanted to be involved?

On the next episode of Enlightened, Amy, Tyler, and Dougie look to find an insider source that could get them information straight from Charles Szidon. They might have found their mole in Eileen (Molly Shannon), Szidon’s assistant, only Eileen gets interested in Tyler romantically and the two go out on a date. Amy and Dougie will, of course, hope that Tyler can win her over and get her talking about her boss, but once on the date, the two connect on a deeper level. Tyler’s loneliness and ache to belong might be the biggest reason he’s latched on to Amy, so finding someone who he likes and who likes him back might mean that his participation in the company takedown is no longer necessary, in his eyes.

Enlightened airs Sunday at 9:30 on HBO. You can check out spoilers for the next three episodes here.

Should Tyler feel guilty about dating Eileen while trying to bring down Abaddonn? Will his connection with the executive assistant change his mind about the plan? Could Eileen end up being the insider Amy, Tyler, and Dougie need to help their cause?






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