Alyssa Milano Picked a Fight With Wendy’s on Twitter and Well….

Next on the list of things that might make you scratch your head in confusion is the fact that Alyssa Milano has picked a fight with Wendy’s on Twitter and, well, things are going about as good as you could imagine. That’s to say that they’re not since her attempt to pick a fight is confusing a lot of people as they can’t decide if she’s really upset about the fact that farm-working women are being raped and/or abused or because Wendy’s used the #TimesUp in their response to her allegations. Plus is there another way to describe the farm workers rather than just call them ‘farm workers’? Milano seems adamant about this and even seems upset about the fact that the people fasted for five days in protest. Yet it doesn’t seem like she’s showing the same solidarity to be honest.

It’s hard to equate those with celebrity status with those that are working and struggling to survive and simply feed their families when it comes to this type of matter. Actors do have a great platform from which to preach and talk about matters such as rape and the very real inequality that exists in the working class, but many of them are so far removed from it that their words don’t seem to mean much unless their boots are on the ground and they’re at ground zero where they can do some actual good. In short this rant by Milano seems to be just that, a rant about something she might have seen in the news that she doesn’t agree with. Granted, it’s horrible that any woman would have suffer through assault and rape and it needs to be remedied quickly and without hesitation. But fasting in protest makes as little sense as walking out of school to protest gun violence. Nothing is done, and little is gained. In the end the only people that get hurt by this are those that are lodging the actual protest since they aren’t working, they aren’t learning, and in this case they aren’t eating. Hopefully they would allow their kids to eat since that alone would constitute child abuse and endangerment.

As for Milano, as it was mentioned above if she’s doing nothing but going on Facebook and Twitter to voice her displeasure and make it known far and wide that she is unhappy about this, that’s her prerogative. But unless she’s willing to slip down from her perch and help those in need she’s doing little more than crowing about a problem without attempting to find a solution. Boycotting a fast food chain is kind of pointless since if the people that decide to protest don’t want to work then the chain will find someone else that will. The rape and assault issues do need to be confronted and solved and those that have been victimized need to be cared for and compensated for their suffering while those responsible should be punished to the furthest extent of the law. But celebrities calling for action without showing any is becoming a rather bothersome annoyance really.

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