Anne Dudek: Great at Playing Characters You Love to Hate

A good actress or actor will be able to make you love them, feel for them, and in some cases absolutely hate them and wish all kinds of misfortune on them. Anne Dudek is great at this as she’s played a few characters that people would love to see karma deliver into all sorts of awful scenarios. But that’s what makes her great, she knows how to play a role that is so despicable and irritating that she can tweak the emotions of a viewer beyond all reason until they actually want her character to just disappear. Any actor that does this has accomplished what a lot of them will continually try to do in their career but will find themselves just shy of. She’s able to get inside your head and deliver a one-two punch to your emotions, thereby poking the bear so to speak.

How I Met Your Mother

Admittedly not every situation is made worse by a character that flies off the hook, as the blame for their outbursts can fall on others as well. But Dudek is one of those that can fly off the hook and make you seriously doubt her mental stability as well as her decision-making processes. In this clip alone it’s seen that she can’t handle her anger all that well, though there is in fact a reason for her to be angry. But in a real-life situation like this phones would be out and people would be recording either for their own purposes or show one side of the story and not the other. In this case it would probably show her as the unstable one largely because she is reacting in a manner that is both aggressive and outwardly disturbing. Hating characters like this is easy because they tend to open themselves up for it by ramping up their emotions to a level that is untenable in even the best of situations. By letting go of their emotions and just going with the moment such actors become an easy target but they also prove the point that they are good enough at what they do to get viewers to side against them without any hesitation. The average audience member will be able to remind themselves that it’s just a show, but they will still be swayed by the effect that is produced when an actor gets so into character that it would appear that this is how they must act all the time. Acting as a hated character or someone that’s even mildly disliked can’t be easy, but some of them, like Dudek, make it appear effortless as they simply unleash that inner jerk that might never appear outside of their job.


Women or men, those that challenge a person’s favorite actor and the star of the show often get a lot of shade thrown at them because they seem difficult, hard to deal with, and less apt to be a part of the team dynamic. The truth of it is however is that they fill a needed void and that the challenge is beneficial to the show. Dudek’s characters are often a pleasant but irritating change of pace that people might like or dislike, but they are needed because they offer a different dynamic that is needed within the story. Being difficult is not always a bad thing, and in a character it can be something that’s rather unique and makes them stand out from the rest of the cast. As it’s already been said it provokes emotions, makes things seem a bit more off kilter, and can provide a serious confrontation that makes the show that much more enticing. Who will cause drama if not the most difficult and sometimes hated character? They’re a necessary part of any show or movie that comes along because they help drive the story and create conflict, which is what many people watch TV for, no matter what they watch.

For all intents and purpose Anna is a decent and caring person when off the set, but when onscreen she can be a rather convincing irritant that many people have grown to dislike when it comes to her characters. It’s not always an enviable position but then again someone has to fill it and those that can do this deserve some sort of special recognition for their contribution. After all a lot of people don’t really like to be the person that causes all the drama, but there is a distinct advantage to it, you don’t have to hold back as much. One still has to remember that when the director says “Cut” you can go back to being a decent person, but while that film is rolling it’s usually best to do what you’re getting paid for and do it right. That’s why Anna is a good actress, she knows how to get the audience to react.

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