Appreciating the Fine Voice Work of Cherami Leigh

Cherami Leigh is just one of many anime voice actors that has come along in the last couple of decades but she’s one that has been quite prevalent and has given voice to a very large number of individual characters that have impacted their corresponding shows in a significant way. For anime fans she’s likely well known and very well respected since her voices tend to be distinctive enough to distinguish between them but still carry all of her girlish charm and sincerity. It’s said very often that voice acting isn’t the same as acting but in truth it’s just about the same except for the venue that the actors engage in since one has to worry about how they look on camera and one only has to worry about how they sound. To be honest it seems like it’s dead even when comparing which is harder since the voice actor has to learn how to modulate and take care of their voice while the actor has to keep up the appearance that is desired for the current project. In any case the voice actors that are well-noted and appreciated are quite skilled since they give voice to some of the characters that people tend to enjoy.

It might not pay as much but it seems every bit as satisfying.

She deals primarily in anime.

This seems to be Cherami’s niche since most of her credits are in anime and it would seem that she is well-versed in how to go about her job. Considering how many characters there are in anime it would seem that she would be working with many upon many individuals that are there for short periods of time or for the duration. In voice acting however the funny thing is that a lot of actors will be working on their own and won’t even get to see their costars as they will voice their lines and then have them integrated into the main body of the show. Sometimes people do work together and it can be an interesting collaboration, but a lot of times voice acting seems like it would be a lonely job just for the fact that a person is usually reading their lines alone and won’t get to see how their contribution works with the entire production until later. But in anime crowding a studio with people doesn’t seem like a great idea.

She’s been around for well over two decades.

Obviously she likes what she’s doing since a lot of people wouldn’t stick around this long unless there was no other place to go. Voice acting seems like it could be a pretty fun job since there’s a lot of creative leeway for the actors so long as they nail down a voice and manage to get the job done in the way the director wants. The key to getting along in one’s job is to enjoy the job itself and it would seem that Cherami has been having a blast for a while. There are sure to have been some ups and downs about the job and there will be as long as she’s doing it, but the overall satisfaction comes from being able to do what she wants and knowing that people value her time and her talents. After all if she didn’t like it there’s a good chance that we wouldn’t be talking about her in this capacity right now. But since she seems to have so much fun doing the voice and even meeting fans it’s easy to assume that she has a great time every time she comes to the set and begins to read for a character.

She’s performed a couple of American roles.

While much of what she does has been centered on anime she has managed to perform a couple of voice roles in America. One of her most notable voice roles was for Disney’s Doc McStuffins, which is a big mark for her career since the cartoon is something quite special and has attracted a great many kids to its fanbase. While she hasn’t done much for American-made movies she’s still managed to find the time to meet and greet fans and has continued to do her very best on the works that she has contributed to.

Cherami has been in live action shows, but she usually appears as a guest star and not much else. Some of the shows she’s been include Walker: Texas Ranger, and Shameless just to name a couple. She hasn’t limited herself to just voice roles obviously but it’s been a few years since she’s done anything in person. She seems content to stick to her roles in anime and so long as it makes her happy that seems just fine. Everyone’s got to find their own path and she certainly seems to enjoy hers.

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