Bill Gates Will Guest Star on The Big Bang Theory

Not only is Bill Gates one of the wealthiest men on the planet, but he is also one of the most brilliant minds in the world of technology. As the co-founder of Microsoft, Gates set a course in life that has not been rivaled. While Gates is constantly recognized for the technological advancements of his company and his philanthropic endeavors, no one has ever accused the tech genius of being a great actor. With that being said, Gates is slated to appear on The Big Bang Theory. His role on the show should not be that challenging, as he will be playing himself.

The show is built around a story in which Penny will be hosting the founder of Microsoft at her job, all while all of her friends and co-workers are trying to come up with creative ways to meet him. This a show that will be replete with tech-obsessed characters that will be going out of their minds at the news that Mr. Tech himself will be within arm’s reach. You have to understand tech geeks are as consumed with Bill Gates as young athletes are with Michael Jordan.

At this point, the producers have not given any indication of how much airtime Gates will get. Most people are speculating that his appearance will be brief, minimizing the need to hit all the right spots and remember too many lines.

So, you may be wondering how did a show like The Big Bang Theory get Bill Gates to appear on their show. You would have to think that they are not the first sit-com to try to land the tech-mogul on their show. Most experts are speculating that Gates will likely use the opportunity to highlight the latest work at Microsoft. There is a good chance that the show will mention a new product or major product updates during the show. The Big Bang Theory is one of the most successful sitcoms in history, and it has a very loyal following. Additionally, it would be a safe guess that a large portion of the fanbase for the show could be classified as geeks.

Another possibility is that the show might place emphasis on the work that Gates does as a philanthropist. Actually, the show has managed to some other big names in science and technology on the show during past seasons, including Steve Wozniak, Elon Musk, Buzz Aldrin, and Steven Hawking. So, obviously, the show’s evolutionary theme has a way of attracting the mind of geniuses.

Believe it or not, this is not the first time that the Billionaire has appeared on a popular sitcom. Although many people will not remember it — heck, some were not even alive — Gates appeared once on Frazier back in 2001. Why am I not surprised. For those who follow Bill Gates, this is not that great of a leap. He is always dressing up like film characters. He dawned the garb of Austin Powers, Morpheus (The Matrix), and he has performed an unbelievable video that celebrated his departure from full-time engagement in the day-to-day affairs at Microsoft. So, he is probably more prepared for his appearance on The Big Bang Theory than we realize.

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