This is Why David Fincher Passed on Directing a Star Wars Movie

We’ve seen what David Fincher can do. His directing style is such that he can take control of your point of view and make sure that you stick with the character or scene that he choose to follow with the camera. He’s also been responsible for some very thought-provoking films that have made us gasp in anticipation and pull back in shock when we figure just what he’s done to one of our favorite characters. He’s proven that he has greatness within him, but there are still times when a person has to sit back and realize their own limits, and Fincher tends to do that at times. As great as he is, he turned down a chance to direct a Star Wars film because of the scope of the project.

He’s not afraid of it by any means, but there are those that might think this is the case. The Star Wars universe is a place where chances to create something special and unique are plentiful, but it is also a place fraught with expectation and the very real chance to become overwhelmed with everything that’s expected. There is no other universe like Star Wars and honestly it’s a proving ground for some and a burial site for those whose careers were forever tainted by their inclusion into the films. While some have survived the supposed Star Wars curse and gone on to bigger and better things others took the hit and never quite recovered. Fincher knows that the mythos of Star Wars is a lot to live up to and has decided, at least for now, that he’s not quite ready to take on that kind of responsibility.

If you’ve ever seen the chat rooms, the blogs, and the various social media sites where Star Wars is discussed in any fashion you’ll note that people are flat out vicious at times. Fans will nitpick about the tiniest of details that most people won’t ever notice, and will seek to crucify anyone that dares to mess with any part of the mythos of Star Wars. A lot of fans about lost their mind when Disney purchased Lucasfilm and, by extension, Star Wars, to the tune of $4.1 billion dollars a few years back. Those same fans knew that things were going to change, and sure enough, the books and comics that had come before were suddenly wiped away and made non-canon, which was a slap in the face to the loyal fans that had been following the franchise for years before Disney had to intrude.

While the current story is still great, it’s only a fraction of what could have been done had the original canon, yes, ORIGINAL CANON, been kept. There were so many rich and powerful stories within the books that could have been explored had Disney not barged in and taken control in such a blundering way. I can even believe that if the original canon had been kept that Fincher would have eventually found a place in the Star Wars universe that would have allowed him the freedom he needed and the chance to make something truly special.

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