Disneyland Resort’s Newest Hotel Package is Pixar Fest Themed

You might be Pixar’ed out by the time you experience Disneyland’s newest hotel package and have all the Pixar-themed stuff that you can take. To be fair though Disney and Pixar have been intertwined for so long now that it should be no surprise that they’ve become so intertwined. This hotel package is sure to be something great for the fans and for any kids that happen to love Pixar movies, which are now a big part of Disney. It’s easy to imagine at this point that the fans growing up with Disney in the past decade couldn’t remember a time when Pixar and Disney weren’t on the same page, since those of us that can recall the old cartoons and tales got to watch the advent of the CGI movies.

In truth they’ve been wonderful to watch really since they’ve created a story unlike any other many times over. Sometimes it seems that they’re being made into gimmicks just for the sake of making another dollar, but in many way Disney has become the moral backbone of childhood through it’s use of ethics and morality in its movies. Whether the corporation truly abides by this and believes in it is something entirely different, but through the movies that it’s produced along with Pixar there is a lot of human feeling that’s been ascribed to various characters that are anything but. In a sense the two companies have been able to create an entirely new subculture that has affected the people that watch in profound ways. The commercialism of it however has been noted by many and used as a kind of anchoring point so that too much praise for their humanity hasn’t been allowed to sink in with a lot of folks.

Disneyland is, to the consumer, about having fun however, and this package might be costly but is no doubt something that would enchant the kids that were allowed to partake. Adults might look back to the old days of Disney and wonder just how we’ve come this far, but kids will look at what is and what could be with such wonder that being cynical about it all is kind of hard after a while. It’s one thing to accept it all without asking a single question, but allowing your kid to enjoy their time in the Magic Kingdom without passing any serious judgment on the corporate aspect of the company is something that a lot of adults tend to figure is the best way to go. That’s why going into a long-winded diatribe about anything and everything that’s gone on between Pixar and Disney in the past is kind of pointless, since many kids won’t care and will likely point out the balloons and everything else given with this package before they’ll ever think about the implications behind it.

The park is about having fun, and the package is just another piece of it. Thinking too much about something like this is for those that just can’t have a good time no matter what.

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