10 Things You Didn’t Know about Elyes Gabel

Sometimes there are actors that don’t get noticed quite as much and tend to be taken for granted. Elyes Gabel isn’t quite one of those actors but it’s a good guess that a lot of people wouldn’t know who he is just by his name alone and would have to sift through his credits to find out just what he’s done. Then again there are probably those that have seen him more than once and have the kind of memory that would allow them to recognize his name, or his face if they saw him. The point is that while he is a famous personality and he has done a number of things he’s one among many that has been a supporting actor and hasn’t yet taken up the spotlight all on his own for an extended period of time. That doesn’t make him any less of an actor thankfully since he’s been quite good in what he’s done. It just means that his career could probably use a little push to get up to the next level.

Here are a few things you might not have known about him.

10. He dropped out of drama school to go into acting.

This seems kind of ironic to be honest but it seems to have worked out for him since all that extra schooling might have kept him from what he really wanted to do, y’know, even if it was supposed to help him do what he wanted to do. It makes sense somehow.

9. He’s been in a band.

It almost seems like actors and musicians go hand in hand sometimes as the two don’t seem mutually exclusive all that often. Maybe it’s the part about being up on stage and being in front of so many people that they have in common, or perhaps it’s just the need to perform.

8. He showed up in Game of Thrones.

Being one of the Dothraki that decided to stay with Dany after Khal Drogo passed on wasn’t an easy thing since she was a benevolent queen but she took a hard road to get back to her kingdom. As of now however the Dothraki she commands are with her to the end.

7. He was in World War Z.

A lot of people see this as just another zombie movie and in some ways it is, but it managed to take things to a global scale that a lot other movies weren’t able to show as it literally spanned the globe and was shown in various locations that were barely connected except for the fact that people had been infected.

6. He was in Interstellar.

This is one of those movies that kind of takes the joy out of being alive as it points out that our natural resources are dwindling and our environment is changing with each passing decade. While a lot of the science is no doubt fabricated to make it look cool the idea of the whole movie is still something that people found interesting if slightly depressing.

5. He’s been on the show Scorpion.

The show is all about the last line of defense against hi-tech terrorists and other attackers from around the globe and for the most part it’s pretty entertaining. It’s also the show that he’s been working on as of late.

4. He was dating his costar Katherine McPhee.

It almost seems as though dating a coworker has become more of a personal preference as to whether or not it’s done anymore rather than a rule. Many actors seem to date one another after sharing time on a movie or a TV show and some of them have even become very close with one another. It seems like it would be a hard dynamic to get around though.

3. His career started in 2001.

There seem to have been a lot actors that started around this time, almost as though one year after another there’s a batch of actors just ready to take their place in the spotlight and show the world what they can do. It is kind of odd how so many people come to prominence with their careers in the same year.

2. So far his filmography is kind of impressive.

He doesn’t have the overwhelming number of credits that others might have but all the same he’s done a lot of things so far that seem very noticeable and have managed to help him gain the exposure he’s probably wanting. Just because his resume doesn’t have as many movies and shows doesn’t mean he’s any less of an actor. It could mean that he’s very careful about the parts he takes.

1. He’s been in a stage production of West Side Story.

It takes a good deal of talent to make something like this work so if nothing else the fact that he was in this play makes it well known that Elyes is a true talent that knows what he’s doing.

He’ll be someone to watch as the years go by.

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