10 Things You Didn’t Know about Emily Swallow

Emily Swallow is an American actress who might be best-known for her performances on the theater stage. However, she has appeared in a wide range of TV shows as well, which might be where a lot of people have seen her before. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Emily Swallow:

1. Emily Is Latin in Origin

It is interesting to note that Emily comes from Aemilia, which is a Latin name. To be exact, Aemilia was the name of one of the greatest Roman gentes, which claimed descent from the second King of Rome. Furthermore, said gens featured a number of famous Roman individuals, with examples ranging from the conqueror of Macedon to a member of the Second Triumvirate. Unfortunately, the gens Aemilia was so old that the exact meaning of the name remains unclear.

2. Swallow Might Mean Swallow

When someone sees the name Swallow, chances are good that their mind will jump to the image of the bird of the same name. However, there are some people who have the name Swallow because some ancestor of theirs lived in a place in Lincolnshire situated close to a river named Swallow, which might have shared an origin with the name of the bird.

3. Born in Washington, D.C.

Swallow was born in Washington, D.C., which is a place that needs no introduction. After all, it is the capital of the United States, which happened because it was the bargain made in exchange for the federal government taking on the debts of the state governments that had piled up over the course of the American Revolution.

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4. Grew Up in Sterling, Va

When she was still a child, Swallow spent some time living in Sterling, which can be found in the state of Virginia. With that said, Sterling isn’t actually situated that far from Washington, D.C., seeing as how it is part of its metropolitan area.

5. Grew Up in Jacksonville, FL

Later, Swallow spent some time in Jacksonville, which can be found in the state of Florida. Once again, this is a place that needs no introduction, seeing as how it is one of the biggest cities in the whole of the United States. In fact, Jacksonville is so big that it can actually claim the distinction of being the most populous city that can be found in the Southeastern United States.

6. Studied the Middle East

Swallow has a MFA from New York University, which perhaps unsurprisingly, was awarded for Acting. However, it is interesting to note that before that, she had a BA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Virginia, which is pretty prestigious in its own right. After all, it was founded by Thomas Jefferson, though the efforts of later generations has ensured its status as the flagship school of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

7. Got TV Debut on Guiding Light

It should be mentioned that Swallow started out on the theatre stage. As a result, her TV debut was far from being her acting debut. For those who are curious, Swallow’s first role on a TV show came in 2006 when she showed up on the soap opera called Guiding Light for a single episode as a character named Regina.

8. Got Movie Debut in The Lucky Ones

In 2008, Swallow got her movie debut in The Lucky Ones, which was a comedy drama about a trio of American soldiers who met up with one another through circumstances that none of them had expected. With that said, Swallow’s role seems to have been a minor one, which might have been fortunate considering that said movie didn’t exactly meet with a great reception.

9. Continues to Act On Stage

With that said, Swallow continues to perform in a wide range of productions on the theatre stage, as shown by the fact that she was in a 2016 production of Disgraced that happened in Los Angeles. Moreover, Swallow has been receiving a fair amount of critical acclaim for her roles in these productions, which have even resulted in awards.

10. Appeared in Supernatural

For people who watch a lot of TV, chances are good that they would recognize Swallow from either The Mentalist or Supernatural. In the latter, she is best-known for playing the Darkness, who was a primordial figure predating the creation of time that was sealed away by the Biblical God.

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