Five Facts You Didn’t Know about Crystal Reed

Crystal Reed is a very strong-willed woman with an opinion to match. Her time spent in the TV and film industry thus far hasn’t been too long but she’s been steadily working to change that as she’s been taking one role after another in order to make herself a little more valuable and so that people might start to learn and memorize her name in the future. Her spots on Teen Wolf and Gotham have drawn some attention at least but thus far she’s still largely unknown to a big part of the audience and is seeking to find a way to change that. At this point though she’s on the right track and shouldn’t need to change much, if anything, in order to keep her career on the right track.

Sometimes it just takes staying put and doing what comes natural.

5. She’s into playing golf.

It’s always nice to have a hobby or two away from work as it can keep a person sane and on the level. Golf is definitely one of those sports that people find relaxing at times and able to take their mind of the pressures of work and what they’ll be looking forward to when they go back.

4. She campaigned for Hillary Clinton.

A lot of people pick a side when it comes time for election and everyone has their own thought process on who they decide to back. There’s no point in saying who’s wrong and whose side is deeply flawed since each side will find the most negative things they can say about one another. The trick is to stick by your candidate and accept that they’re not perfect, that they will have made mistakes. It’s a matter of how you choose to believe and who you believe in.

3. Her resume is not all that extensive yet.

She’s been in a fair number of productions at this point but her resume is still kind of short considering that she’s been around since 2010. It could be that she picks her roles very carefully and thus is trying to make sure that her career isn’t hampered by those roles that might reflect poorly upon her or be less than she desires to advance herself when it comes to her reputation.

2. She started in the industry in 2010.

So she’s not a complete newbie but she’s not exactly a well-seasoned veteran yet either. If anything she’s kind of in the transitory stage in which she will no doubt be one of the better actors if she stick around and does the work. One can only hope that she stays the course and doesn’t get burned out like some people have in the past. It wouldn’t seem that way so far though.

1. She’s starred in the TV show Gotham.

She plays the part of Sofia Falcone, the daughter of a major mob boss on the show. Chances are if he was downright mean she’s not going to be much better since that’s usually how it works.

So far it seems like she’s doing everything right.

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