Five Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about a Young Sean Penn

Sean Penn has been one of the most popular guys in movies for a long, long time. Even during his down times he’s been seen as a star since he made an impact early on in his life and that never really went away. He hasn’t been on everyone’s mind for that entire time but he’s never really gone away either. During his younger years though it almost seems as though he was getting primed early on for a run at greatness, and as of now he’s achieved it a couple of times over simply by being the best he knows how to be. He’s been a controversial character at times but for the most part he’s still considered as Hollywood royalty in many regards.

He does seem to take a break every now and again though as if to distance himself for a breather from the spotlight.

5. He was an extra on Little House on the Prairie.

This was back in 1974 when his father had taken to directing some of the episodes. You might have to really look to find him but apparently he was there. It wasn’t enough to launch a career obviously but it was something to get him started and perhaps get him used to taking direction.

4. His big move into film was in Taps.

Taps as people should remember was a successful film that is just barely remembered now. The film was a powerful piece starring several young, talented actors that would go on to enjoy fame and fortune as they got older. Just a couple of those names aside from Penn are Tom Cruise and Timothy Hutton, who were two of the key characters in the movie.

3. He’s been friends with the Sheen brothers since they were kids.

The two brothers lived close by and as a result they and Penn became good friends. It’s not too certain if they’ve maintained that same level of friendship all these years but in Hollywood it’s usually advantageous to at least fall back on old friendships and keep people around for a while. Of course at this point Charlie Sheen‘s been in and out of trouble and Emilio Estevez has bowed out of movies. But there’s nothing saying they aren’t still friends.

2. He and his friends used to make home movies.

This was undoubtedly a part of what sparked their love of the camera and got them into the business to start with. A lot of kids throughout the world have a passion to show what they can do onscreen and these three didn’t seem to be any exception. They wanted to be known actors and for the most part all three of them got their wish. Even Penn’s younger brother Chris got in on the act, though unfortunately he passed away in 2006.

1. He comes from a family that’s been steeped in show business. 

His father was a director and actor, his mother was an actor, his brother was an actor, so it was only fitting that he went the same route.

It’s good that he did because he’s been a credit to Hollywood for some time.

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