Five Fun Facts You Never Knew About a Young Rue Mcclanahan

Rue McClanahan was easily one of the most well-known actresses that ever came along. Her career spanned several decades and throughout that time, she was able to play a wide variety of different roles, often to the delight of her fans. She was a versatile actress that was probably best known for the various sitcoms that she starred in over the years. While people might have identified with her as an actress, there are a lot of things about her youth that you might not know. Below are five things you might not know about her when she was very young that might even make you see her in a different light.

1. She was originally from Oklahoma

She was actually born in a small town called Healdton, which is located about an hour or so from Oklahoma City. Although she often played someone from the south, especially in her most memorable roles, many people are actually surprised to learn that she was born and raised in Oklahoma. When she got a little older, her family moved to Ardmore, Oklahoma, where she graduated from high school.

2. She attended the Methodist church

Although the Baptist church is most prevalent within the state of Oklahoma, she and her family actually attended the Methodist church. Although it’s not widely known exactly which church she considered her own, it only makes sense to assume that it was probably a Methodist church in the town where she grew up in.

3. She had a rich ancestry

McClanahan was partly of Irish descent. This was something she was always proud of, as well as the fact that the rest of her heritage involved Choctaw Indian. In fact, her grandfather was a full-blooded Choctaw, something that she commented on several times throughout her career.

4. She acted in high school

She was always interested in acting. Even in high school, she had an interest in it, not to mention a fairly good idea that she might want to pursue it more in-depth in later years. As a result, she frequently acted in high school plays and other types of productions so that she could gain experience. Even at the time, most people that saw her perform knew that she had something special, a level of talent that is only possessed by a select few.

5. She had a double major in college

She always had a reputation for being smart and she proved that reputation to be correct when she entered college. McClanahan eventually decided to attend college in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was also well known for having several different interests, something that was equally well reflected during her college years. When she graduated, she had a degree in both theater and in German. This is something that is fairly difficult to accomplish, and most students stick to only one degree because of the level of difficulty involved. It’s only the most dedicated individuals that manage to graduate with a dual degree, and she proved early on that she was capable of doing anything she set her mind to, something that she continued to prove throughout her lifetime.

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