Five Things You Didn’t About Jenny Lumet

You would have to have been on another planet over the last several months not to be aware of the whirlwind of devastation and chaos that is taking place in Hollywood, mainstream media, and corporate America surrounding a growing number of accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault by women and men. The men who are being accused aren’t just any men, these are the some of the wealthiest and lauded men in the world. Some names include Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, U.S. Sen. Al Franken and more. The latest casualty is music mogul, Russel Simmons, who denied an initial allegation by model Keri Claussen Khalighi, but folded when that accusation what supplemented by Hollywood Screenwriter Jenny Lumet.

Lumet is a successful screenwriter that has a little more weight than Khalighi, and she obviously has ways of substantiating her claim, because Russell did not even attempt to deny it. Following are a few facts about Lumet that will give you better insight into who she really is.

1. She is the Granddaughter of Lena Horne

There is an adage that says, “The apple does not fall far from the tree.” It is normally used to reference fathers and sons; however, the talent and beauty possessed by Jenny are unmistakable and it is easy to understand when you consider the fact that she is the granddaughter of the great Lena Horne. In fact, she suggests in an open letter to Russell that he used his “respect” for Lena Horne to get close to her.

2. She Is Also the Daughter of Filmmaker Sidney Lumet

Yeah, that name sounded familiar, but you just could not figure out why. Jenny’s father is a well-established filmmaker in a world where who you know carries more weight than talent at times. While Jenny makes no qualms about nepotism and the role it plays in make headway in Hollywood, she reveals that it was the good habits and work ethic that her father instilled in her that has served her best. However, she admits that her name and connections did not hurt.

3. She Is Aware of Her Racial Makeup, but Not Consumed by It

During a time where America is being forced to admit that the post-racists rhetoric that was once very common may have been somewhat premature, Jenny is keenly cognizant of her multi-racial background, but she says that she does not allow that to be the center of her work because while it is a significant part of who she is, most people do not go around talking about their racial identity every day.

4. Despite the Lack of Racial Emphasis, she is Working on a Project Entitled Sambo

The term or name “Sambo” may not register with many Whites or Blacks for the case, especially if you have not read Uncle Tom’s Cabin. While most people make the mistake of assuming Uncle Tom was the race traitor (sellout) in the story of Uncle Tom’s Cabin — as evidenced by the term “Uncle Tom” being used as an intraracial slur hurled at Blacks who are viewed as enemy-friendly, it was actually Sambo that was the traitor. Jenny is currently working on project entitled Sambo with Jason Reitman.

5. She is the Genius Behind the Mummy

You will only find this fact interesting if you are an ancient history buff. The idea of what lies underneath the sand of Ancient Kemet, now known and Egypt, absolutely fascinates me. The work that Jenny did in writing the Mummy is nothing short of amazing — proving that she belongs in the category of other great writers in Hollywood. She is not simply some offspring of a celebrity — she is gifted in her own right.

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