Five Things You Didn’t Know about Ashleigh Banfield

How much do you know about Ashleigh Banfield? Without a doubt, some of you know exactly who she is and some of you are shaking your heads, wondering why you haven’t previously heard of her. If you don’t know who she is, you might be surprised to learn that she is a serious journalist who has made a name for herself through a lot of hard work, not to mention taking the opportunities that have been put in front of her. However, below are five things that you probably don’t know about her, even if you tune in to watch her on a regular basis. Keep reading to find out more about this interesting individual.

1. She attended prep school

These days, most people don’t attend prep school and in many cases, they don’t even know what prep school really is. However, there are still some circumstances where it is deemed important and Banfield is no exception. She grew up in Canada, and after completing her initial career in school, she attended prep school in Manitoba before going on to college. It’s important to note that this same prep school was also attended by her mother, so you might say that this is something of a family tradition.

2. She’s paid her dues

Almost everyone has to pay their dues, and Ashleigh Banfield is certainly no exception. She cut her teeth working as a journalist on local television for a number of years before making it to what many might consider the “big time.” Eventually, she started working in her chosen field in the United States. She has worked for a cable network, TruTV, and later, she started working as one of CNN’s premier journalists. This is really where she started coming into her own and making a name for herself as she continued to climb up the ladder professionally.

3. She became part of American history on September 11, 2001

This is a day that people will unfortunately remember all over the world, and there was no place where the pain of it was more intensely felt than right here in America. Banfield unwittingly became a part of history when she was reporting on the terrorist attack in front of 7 World Trade when it collapsed. Sadly, she later learned that two of her friends had been killed in the attacks. This profoundly affected her, and she eventually traveled to Afghanistan to work as a journalist and report on the war.

4. She has dual citizenship

As previously mentioned, she was born in Canada. She also attended school there, all the way up through her college education, and she worked as a journalist there for quite some time. She also became a citizen of the United States many years later, after working in the U.S. for a long time. She is now 50 years old and enjoys having accomplished so much in her life, though she would probably be the first to tell you that she in nowhere near finished with all the things she wants to do with her life.

5. She isn’t afraid to be herself

Over the years, she has always been true to herself, even when that meant that others were saying things about her. This is perhaps why she has accomplished so much. She doesn’t care what others think when it comes to her fashion choices or her career path. Instead, she just does what comes natural to her, and that has worked out just fine.

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