Five Things You Didn’t Know about Bethany Joy Lenz

Bethany Joy Lenz has had quite the career so far yet at this point a lot of people still might not know who she is. She’s done a lot more TV work than films and it could be that her adherence to this medium is what keeps a lot of people from noticing her, but she’s remained at the top of her game for a good long while all the same. She got her start in 1992 and has been active as a performer since with only a few breaks in between. She’s admitted to being something of an introvert and is often more comfortable with one on one time than she is in big crowds. Her idea of a good time is staying at home with her family and knitting as opposed to going out and partying.

Surprisingly a lot of Hollywood types seem to prefer this kind of lifestyle over the jet-setting that some of them take to so easily.

5. She’s an actress and a singer as well.

As I said above she’s done a lot of work in television but she’s also released a few albums that have gained her even more notoriety. She was trained by two very well known opera conductors that have trained other stars, and she has a four-octave range that’s very impressive.

4. She has her own blog.

A lot of stars can be said to have a blog but more often than not it’s a group of people that are in charge of writing the blog under the name of said star. Some celebrities do in fact take care of their own blogs and do jot their own thoughts and feelings down along with whatever other pertinent information they want to convey. Bethany is the only person on her blog and that’s the way she likes it.

3. She sang her first solo at 4 years old.

A lot of kids sing in church but some are simply gifted and eventually either pushed or given a chance to show what else they can do as they grow up. Some manage to lose interest or find other pursuits that are more worthwhile, but others tend to keep at it and find that they even enjoy the gift of song to a degree that allows them to showcase a talent that is easily cultivated if one knows how.

2. She took a year off from acting to raise her daughter.

This is what’s known as getting your priorities in order. A lot of celebrities take time out when their kids are born but some don’t bother, preferring to get as much work as they can and to keep pushing forward so that they’re not left behind. Bethany thankfully made the choice to get to know her little girl and bond with her.

1. She goes by her middle name primarily. 

Either she doesn’t are for her first name that much or it’s just a personal choice that she made and she likes her middle name a little better. Either way Joy is a lot easier to say and rolls off the tongue more fluidly.

Watch One Tree Hill and you’ll see her for certain.

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