Five Things You Didn’t Know About Emily V. Gordon

Emily Vance Gordon is a well-known American writer. In addition to this, she is also a podcast host an film producer. She and her husband wrote the recent film, “The Big Sick,” which is a 2017 comedy romance. There is much more to this talented woman than her amazing writing skills. Here are five things that you didn’t know about Emily V. Gordon.

Her husband is Pakistani

Emily V. Gordon is married to a famous personality. He is comedian Kumail Nanjiani. He was born in the country of Pakistan, but lives in the United States with his wife Emily. The two have had their ups and downs but they are a strong couple who have managed to overcome any bumps in the road that they have encountered along the way.

“The Big Sick” is actually about their lives together

Emily and Kumail are both very honest people. Their latest film endeavor together was written about their own personal lives. Nanjiani played the character who is very similar to his real life personality in the film, with a slight fictionalization, and Emily, a grad student from Chicago is played by actress Zoe Kazan. It is a truly touching love story and it gives us all a look into the lives of Emily and Kumail both before and after they met. If you’re a fan of either of them, or both, then you’ll want to catch this movie.

Emily bullied her husband before they became a couple

It may not be as bad as it first sounds, but Emily did give Kumail a hard time. This kismet like meeting happened as Kumail was performing his stand-up comedy onstage. Emily who was at the time, a grad student, was in the audience heckling him. That’s a heck of a way to meet someone that you’re interested in. She must have known what she was doing because they are married now and from all appearances, have a pretty good thing going. You can see a re-enactment of this moment in their lives as portrayed in the movie “The Big Sick.” The autobiographical is well worth watching, and Amazon has acquired the rights to the recent release.

Emily’s husband was supposed to marry someone else

The couple have not been without their share of social pressure from parents, who had other ideas about whom Kumail should be with. In line with the cultural traditions of Pakistan, Kumail’s parents pressured him to follow through with an arranged marriage, and they did so with determination. He had made his choice though, and Emily was the lucky girl that he had fallen in love with and decided to make his wife. This was one of the situations that Emily was forced to deal with, and she shared that it made her feel miserable.

Emily V. Gordon faced a serious life threatening illness

During the early part of their relationship, Emily became terribly ill and was hospitalized for the condition. It was during this time that he met her parents, who came to visit her in her hour of need. If you watch the film about their lives, be fore warned that while these scenes are partially based upon reality, some things were taken out and some were exaggerated for the sake of cinema, but the crisis really did happen, except, Emily and Kumail were not broken up at the time.

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