Five Things You Didn’t Know About Rachel Brosnahan

While just about every actor dreams about starring in a major film or TV show, most understand that this type of role comes with time. For this reason, getting smaller parts on major productions is often the first goal that actors have. Only after getting several of these small parts will most actors begin to see larger roles. Some performers, however, have the skill and work ethic to turn a small part into a bigger one. Such was the case for the highly acclaimed Rachel Brosnahan.

Brosnahan is best known for her work on House of Cards, work which even earned her an Emmy nomination. She has also appeared in productions like Beautiful Creatures and Patriots Day. She is now garnering a great deal of praise for her work in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. For those who want to know a little more about this talented actress, here are five of the most interesting facts about Rachel Brosnahan.

5. She has formal training 

While Brosnahan was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she only lived there for a few years. She was raised in Highland Park, Illinois. After graduating from Highland Park High School, she went on to study at the world-renowned New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Only a year after she graduated, she booked her role on House of Cards. Clearly, investing in proper education has paid off.

4. She acted professionally while still in high school

Almost every high school student has thought about what it must be like to be a famous movie star, living a life of luxury and glamour. While Brosnahan may not have achieved worldwide fame and fortune in her teenage years, she did have an experience that most would give anything to have. While still in high school, she was cast in a movie produced by Michael Bay. The film, a horror movie titled The Unborn, was the first major production Brosnahan was a part of.

3. She is not the only famous person in her family 

With her work in recent years, Brosnahan is quickly becoming a household name. While this would be unusual for most families, Brosnahan’s has a bit of experience with this sort of thing. This is because her aunt is the famous handbag designer Kate Spade. Although they work in completely different fields, having a relative who understands what it is like to have your name and work out in the open for anyone to judge must be a valuable asset.

2. She has Broadway experience 

Brosnahan, largely thanks to her work on House of Cards, is best known for her television work. She has also begun to make a name for herself as a highly capable film actress as well. Interestingly, this is not where her acting experience ends. She also has a significant amount of experience on stage. She appeared in The Big Knife in 2013 alongside such towering figures in the theatre community as Bobby Cannavale.

1. She was only supposed to appear in two episodes of House of Cards

When Brosnahan booked her role on House of Cards, she likely thought it would be a nice way to pad her resume. She surely did not realize that it would become her breakthrough performance. After all, she was only supposed to have 5 lines on the show. After seeing her perform, the show’s writer decided that hers was a character worth expanding upon and exploring in greater depth.


It takes an incredible amount of talent and hard work to land even a small role in a major Hollywood production. To perform so well that writers extend such a role, as was the case for Rachel Brosnahan on House of Cards, is a different achievement entirely. Her work on the show, as well as in several notable films, has led to Brosnahan establishing herself as a bright young star. There will surely be much more to look forward to from this talented actress.

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