Five Things You Didn’t Know About Robert Knepper

Hollywood and the rest of the media world has been shaken to the core by an unrelenting and growing list of allegations aimed at some of its most powerful men. It started several years ago with Bill Cosby and it erupted with allegations being levied against Hollywood executive, Harvey Weinstein. Since the Weinstein allegation surfaced, it seems that at least two or three allegations against other powerful men in media are brought to the surface. The most recent target of Prison Break star, Robert Knepper. If you are a movie or television fan, you know who Robert Knepper is; however, we decided to take you a bit deeper to introduce you to something that you may not be aware of.

1. There Have Been Multiple Claims of Sexual Misconduct

One thing that seems to be the staple of these sexual allegations against Hollywood’s most powerful men is that they are being launched from multiple sources. If the alleged perpetrator successfully avoids accountability by denying the first allegations, the ones that follow seem to hit their target. This also the case with Knepper, who has had multiple women accuse him of sexual misconduct.

2. He Seems to Have a Proclivity Towards Violence

The allegations that have been brought forward against a multitude of men have varied in the nature of the offense, from some being verbal assaults and others being outright physical advances and even some being raped. It appears by the report of at least five women that Robert Knepper is extremely physically and sexually aggressive, even to the point of violence. The “Me Too” movement has literally empowered many women to break their silence and it appears that the offender will be safe.

3. Knepper Stands On His Claim of Innocence

It is important here to understand that these are allegations that have not been proven in a court of law — civil or criminal — and that Robert Knepper is vehemently denying them. Additionally, Knepper issue a statement that basically said that hard-earned careers are being destroyed on the sole basis of accusations. He further iterated that the accusations that have been levied against him are false.

4. It Is Not Likely That Knepper Will Face Prison Time

Even if the alleged victim, Robin Saex Garbose, is able to substantiate her allegation that Knepper was sexually inappropriate in dealing with her, it is not likely that he was facing any prison time. This alleged event happened more than 30 years ago in 1983. While there will not likely be any grounds for criminal charges, there may be a civil suit filed at some point. With the way that things are going, even if the accusations are never substantiated, the damage may already be done.

5. There Have Been No Statements from Hollywood Studios About Dropping Knepper

The common response to these types of allegations over the last month has been to drop the actor. We have seen Harvey Weinstein completely ostracized by Hollywood, Kevin Spacey dropped from House of Cards, Russell Simmons stepping down as the head of companies he created, but as of now, there has been no mention of studios or sponsors dropping Knepper, but I would not be surprised if it does happen.

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