House of Pain Drops 25th Anniversary “Jump Around” Remix

It’s hard to believe but House of Pain’s song Jump Around is 25 years old this year. For the anniversary the group has dropped a remix of the popular song and while it only sounds dimly like the original thanks to the beat and the rhythm it’s a safe bet that a lot of us can remember the original still and might even listen to it when the mood strikes us. There’s no denying that Jump Around was a big hit for the group, probably their biggest really since they didn’t do a lot of after that. But whether you were in junior high, high school, or were older and happened to like the jam, this song was something from our youth that was just awesome.

If you can remember it was one of the many songs that got us through our adolescence and was there when we needed it from the moment it was released. It’s been used for sporting events, heard at dances, and used in so many different ways that it’s become an iconic sound of the American culture. Anytime that beat starts up people automatically know what’s coming and can’t help but start bouncing their head up and down. Unfortunately the group disbanded and went their own way after having little success after this song, which was kind of sad really since it would have been nice to see what else they could do.

The 90’s were definitely an Attitude Era for a lot of things that were coming out around that time, and it could be felt throughout the nation as well. After the 80’s things started getting shaken up in a way that didn’t seem all that great at first, but once the decade really got up and running things started changing in a big way and music was one of those that finally started turning around from the more wholesome 80’s vibe to something that was a little more edgy and a little more rough when it came to the delivery. Imagine the 60’s and 70’s rolling together and then colliding with the 80’s to create one big jumbled mess. The 90’s would be what finally rolled out of that strange mixup, not fully aware of itself but definitely edgy as all hell since the trip getting there had been something unique and not altogether pleasant at times. That’s kind of how it felt to be an adolescent in the 90’s, as though you’d come through a lot of noise and nonsense that you missed out on but somehow still had to deal with.

House of Pain was one of the groups that seemed to get the vibe of the decade and picked up on it in their music. They urged everyone to join in and just say what they wanted and act as they wanted since the attitude was there and the sentiment was so popular that people didn’t even think twice. It was a song that really got people to finally do something together despite how rough it sounded and it was awesome.

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