10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jenny Agutter

Jenny Agutter is one of several actresses that have been around for a long time but you only know them when you happen to see them in movies that you remember from the past decade or two. Despite that she’s proven that she’s very good at what she does and is worth the effort to look up so that you can see just what she’s accomplished. It’s enough to think that she’s been very fortunate and very skilled to have had such a long and extensive career to this point. Having started at a young age she’s managed to gain a great deal of experience throughout her life and watching her you can see the poise and professionalism that’s a sign of her many years spent in front of the camera.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She’s the daughter of an army officer.

You can imagine that thanks to this she moved around a lot since it’s standard for a lot of kids that live with parents in the military to move from one place to the next when their parents are reassigned. It can be hard on a kid but it can give them a different perspective on life too.

9. She’s spent one night sleeping rough in London to understand the plight of the homeless.

It seems like this would take more than one night to really understand but the idea is sound enough as most people when given a choice would rather spend their nights indoors on a comfy bed rather than outside on the hard surfaces in whatever weather comes along.

8. She finds making films kind of boring.

She justifies this by saying that there are always those moments in which one has to wait for the lighting to be correct, for the staging to be checked and verified, and for a dozen different things to happen before the director can roll the take. You can imagine it might get a little boring at times.

7. She started her career as a child actor in the 1960s.

So to be honest Jenny has been in the game for a very long time now and is rightfully able to be called one of the legends of film. The fact that she’s still acting is great since it means that she’s not tired of it and hasn’t become severely disillusioned by her career.

6. She had a role in Child’s Play 2.

Despite not being quite as lauded as the original this movie was still creepy enough since the animatronics had come a long ways since the first film and Chucky was an even scarier and, if posible, crazier individual than before. Jenny play the part of Andy’s adoptive mother, and meets her end when Chucky strangles her to death and ties her up in front of her sewing machine.

5. She was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

This scene is entirely awesome since you get to see Jenny really laying into the guards and taking control, only to realize a moment later that while she’s acting out the role her character is really the Black Widow in disguise.

4. She hasn’t appeared in a movie since 2015.

It would seem that she’s focused more on her TV appearances in the last few years and hasn’t really done that much on the movie scene. It could be that she’s looking for a change of pace or looking for that one role in film that could really speak to her in some way. A lot of actors seem to take breaks now and then, it seems pretty natural.

3. She was in Logan’s Run.

Logan’s Run is a movie that’s primarily about control and what it takes to keep a hedonistic lifestyle maintained through death and rebirth of the species every so often. It’s a very odd and unenviable way to live but when Logan figures out that they don’t need to live this way he and Jessica 6, played by Agutter, make their way out of the city where they discover the hard truth that human beings an in fact live long than the age of 30.

2. She was in An American Werewolf in London.

When two Americans are attacked by a strange beast while walking along a path at night one of them is killed while the other one becomes a werewolf, a horrid creature that has to kill to survive and quickly becomes a terror throughout London. Jenny plays the woman that falls in love with his human side and has to find out later on that he has a much darker secret.

1. She had her first child at the age of 38.

Some women seem to like to wait before having children, but the older one gets the more risky it is for them to conceive and carry to term it is. Thankfully Jenny had her child without complications.

She’s worth looking up if you want to see all that she’s done.

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