Jim Carrey Painted a Sarah Huckabee Sanders Portrait and Well…..

Jim Carrey is known so well for his comedy that when he decided to paint a portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders it, well, maybe you should see for yourself. Huckabee, as she’s known to many different people in lieu of her full name, has been seen as kind of a mouthpiece more or less since the current POTUS took office and she was granted her position. To some she’s been doing nothing but spewing lies and covering up for a president that’s been one of the most questionable figures in office in a long time, which is really saying something. To others she’s a very maligned individual that doesn’t deserve it since all she’s doing is speaking the truths that she’s being given by a president that’s been doing a terrific job while in office. In Carrey’s painting however she kind of comes off looking like the Trunchbull from Matilda.

It’s no doubt just whose side Carrey is on when it comes to politics but it’s also just as obvious that he’s not one of the people that will stay quiet when it comes to voicing his opinion. He’s actually been that way for quite a while but now through his painting he’s coming out in a very different way when it concerns how he feels about the world. It’s been a while since anyone has really seen him onscreen and the reasons why have been slightly different with each telling, but upon having seen him getting into his passion for art and painting in particular it’s become apparent that Jim is seeing life in a much different way right now and has decided to take a different tactic when making people laugh while voicing his opinion. Unfortunately for Huckabee this painting isn’t really that far off the mark when it comes to how some people feel about her.

She’s doing a job to be certain, and the job that she was given as a member of the cabinet in the White House, but when her words seem to fly in the face of the evidence that her boss is not the nicest human being in the world it makes her look like a puppet with one customary look and a constantly open mouth that’s designed to spew the kind of rhetoric and false assurances that she’s been programmed to give. It can’t be an easy life really when she has so many people that are continually shaming and blaming her for the things the president says and does, but then there are many jobs in DC and this is just one of them. The choice to remain by the POTUS so far has been hers it would seem and the vitriol this brings is not entirely unfounded as a result.

Jim Carrey parodying people is nothing new. But this is a level to which a lot of people haven’t seen the funny man go before as he’s offered a straight up parody of Huckabee that’s meant to be insulting as he reiterates in his tweet.

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