Macaulay Culkin Reveals Why He Won’t Watch “Home Alone”

Macaulay Culkin revealed to Ellen Degeneres that he won’t watch “Home Alone”. In his interview with Ellen, Culkin told the television host that he can’t watch the movie that made the 10 year old a household name. The movie and its sequel “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” are holiday staples, but to Culkin it was just a job. The now 37 year old actor appeared on “Ellen” to promote his new website,, a spoof on health and wellness websites.

Why Macaulay Culkin won’t watch “Home Alone”

Macaulay Culkin appeared in John Hughes’ comedy “Home Alone” and its sequel when he was a young boy. The movies are shown every holiday season. The story of a 10 year old boy accidentally left home alone at Christmas time when his family takes a trip to Paris is a classic. Culkin’s Kevin takes on burglars trying to break into the home and discovers how important family really is. Culkin said his memories of filming the movie involve behind the scenes takes and how he hid a Pepsi behind the set’s sofa. He says that fans stop him in the street today and ask him to pose in a scream as he did for the iconic “Home Alone” movie poster. Culkin finds it annoying but jokes that it’s both “flattering and creepy.” He’s 37 years old.

What he’s been up to since “Home Alone”

Macaulay Culkin already was a working film actor when “Home Alone” came aloong. He had a successful movie career appearing in 14 films between 1988 and 1994. He decided to put his acting career on hold in 1994 to finish school and hang out with kids his own age. He’s happy with the decision. He had a public falling out with his father Kit Culkin, developed a close friendship with Michael Jackson, and a young short lived marriage to actress Miner. Culkin returned to acting in 2000 appearing in a London play and in 2003 with an appearance on “Will and Grace and in the movie “Party Monster”. He published an autobiographical book, “Junior”, in 2006. Culkin also performed in his comedy rock band, the Pizza Underground.

Culkin’s latest projects

A few years ago, Macaulay Culkin had some fans worry when he appeared disheveled in photographs and faced a drug possession charge. In the meantime, he performed in experimental films including a movie with his friend musician Adam Green filmed on an iPhone and a YouTube performance piece eating a cheese pizza as a parody of Andy Warhol eating a Burger King Whopper in “66 scenes from America”. Some of the work kept fans wondering, but it seems the period of rebellion was short lived. For the past two years, Culkin has looked healthy when seen in public. He has opened up more in interviews. He also has several projects in the works. Culkin appears in this year’s “Changeland” with Seth Green and Brenda Song, who he is dating. He and his friend Mark Cohen just launched their new website The website is meant as a spoof of health and wellness sites like Gweneth Paltrow’s Goop. Most of Macaulay Culkin’s work has been satirical. He’s still a good actor. He seems to be interested in making fun of the irony of being a famous child actor who needs to find his new career path in his 30’s.

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