10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maisie Richardson-Sellers

Maisie Richardson-Sellers might not seem like anyone you’d know but then if you really look at what she’s done then you might think twice since she’s been in a couple of very well-known productions. Her career at this point isn’t so extensive that she seems as though she could walk in anywhere and be known, but she certainly wouldn’t go unnoticed by everyone, especially fans of the productions she’s been in. Being a young woman still she has a lot of time to gain more of a reputation as an actor but so far it seems like it might be kind of rude to say that she hasn’t done much. In truth she’s done more than you might think and is set to do a lot more in the near future.

Here are a few other things you might not know about her.

10. She’s in Legends of Tomorrow.

She plays the part of Vixen and is not a person to be trifled with as she shows in her very expert way. Vixen is one of the many characters that’s been seen in the comics but has not gotten a lot of play, if any, until now.

9. She comes from a family of stage actors.

You could kind of say that it’s in her blood to be an actor since she comes from a family that is very skilled when it comes to the acting trade. It seems natural that she would have gone into acting if her entire family is in it.

8. She had a part in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

How many others can say that they got to sit down with Carrie Fisher and watch her act out the part of General Leia Organa? There are those still around that can say that they got to know her as a princess, but Maisie got to take orders from General Leia. That’s pretty awesome really.

7. She started acting from a young age.

It seems pretty natural that her parents would want her to carry on a family tradition that had been going on for a while. Obviously she had the desire for it since she’s still here and still doing what she can to get her career going.

6. She has degrees in Archaeology and Anthropology.

It seems like she might have been trying to decide on a different course in college, or perhaps she was just trying to find different interests to gravitate towards when her acting career allowed it. These are pretty interesting majors but they’re also quite specific and have little if anything to do with acting.

5. She had a part in The Originals.

A show about the supernatural seems to be up her alley since she’s been into fiction for a while now concerning her career. It’s pretty cool to see that she’s so well adapted to the genre and can turn on a different act when it comes to switching over from one to the next.

4. Her filmography is very short.

In terms of her career in film and TV she hasn’t done much yet but that doesn’t mean anything really since she has plenty of time to rack up the credits and become a well-known celebrity. All she has to do is keep going and find the parts that will continue to elevate her as she does. There’s a lot of time for her to become a bigger star than she already is, all she needs to do is be patient and let the right roles come.

3. Her career started in 2011.

She’s not a complete newbie but she does have some learning yet to do and some experience to get before she really starts going for any bigger roles. So far she’s shown that she can get the job done and create a character that people care about, but it’s definitely going to take more when it comes to really getting her name out there.

2. She’s pretty big on Instagram.

She has almost 300,000 followers so you can’t say that she doesn’t have a following and you can’t say that she’s not popular. She has a fan base that is loyal and wants to see more of her. the only question now is what she’s going to do next and is it something that will keep her fans happy or is she going to take her own course and risk it to increase her reputation.

1. She is gay and posted a pic to confirm it on Instagram.

This actually came as a surprise to some fans since she doesn’t seem to have posted anything about her sexual preferences until fairly recently. It’s nice to see that she did however as it inspires others to do the same and to just be themselves in a world that demands that people conform to what is popular or trendy.

Let’s hope that she’s about to go on a roll with her career.

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