How Owen Wilson Got his Trademark Crooked Nose

Owen Wilson is known for being a funny man but he’s also widely known for the shape of his crooked nose which many people do take note of but never seem to really say much about. Looking at him though you would usually expect him to smile or say something funny or at least bitingly sarcastic because that’s just who he is. But the subject of his nose never seems to come up much until someone decides to talk about. Wilson doesn’t go into much detail about his nose other than to say that he’s proud of it and that he wouldn’t change it. A lot of people might state that he would look a lot better if he did get a nose job, but then there’s the idea that if he did, he might lose his trademark look.

When someone’s made a reputation that’s based partially on their looks it becomes less of an option really to go changing those looks as it might affect their career. If Owen Wilson was to get a nose job he might look entirely different and the chances of him still being the funny man might be possible, but it wouldn’t be as likely. How his nose got like that however seems to be kind of a fuzzy story, but the rumors are that it had something to do with a football injury and a fight at school, both resulting in breaks that were never properly fixed. If you look at whatever pictures you can find of a young Wilson online you might notice that his nose did at one time look a lot straighter and didn’t lean the way it does at the current moment. Plus, there seems to be substantiated information that seems to prove the rumors as he was a football player in his youth and he did get expelled from his high school at one point.

However you look at it though Wilson has made a career off of his looks and his comedic performances. Having him be any other way than what he is now seems like it would be kind of awkward for the fans that have come to love him so dearly. After all, when the fans get used to someone they tend to want them to stay the same person or they have a propensity to turn on them for their own reasons. Granted, the ability to change their bodies and appearances in any way they want is their prerogative, but many actors have usually opted to stay just the way they are in order to keep their fan base. Wilson could easily get rhinoplasty to fix that nose but he isn’t about to take that kind of step.

He’s done more than comedy in his career even if it seems that being funny is what he’s really geared for, but Owen Wilson has firmly established that his looks are a part of who he is and they’re not about to change for anyone. It’d be kind of odd to see him any other way.

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