Remembering Avicii: His Five Best Songs of All-Time

Tim Bergling, better known as the artist Avicii, was found dead on April 20th, though the details of his passing have not yet been released. The Swedish record producer and DJ was renowned for his engaging songs and catchy beats and was known to love touring. However at one point his health began to deteriorate and he had to stop his live performances in order to recover and recuperate. He was only 28 years old when he passed, but he’d already written some of the best song that anyone had ever heard.

Some stars burn brightly but burn out too soon.

5. Friend of Mine

There are times in his songs when he uses some very recognizable beats in new ways that haven’t been heard as often. With this song you get the idea of what could have happened, what did happen, and the tragedy of what lies between that people have to deal with. The belief that things happen for a reason is hard to deal with when you have to live with the reality of what’s happened so often.

4. You Be Love

Acivii’s songs usually carry a much deeper meaning to them and the triumph that comes during some point of the song and the videos is something that often seems powerful enough to dispel the more negative qualities that are meant to be conveyed. There’s nothing simple about getting to the best parts of life it seems to say, but the reward that comes when one reaches their goal is ultimately worth it.

3. Addicted to You

Addiction is a powerful force in whatever shape it takes. Avicii made this quite clear in this video since the two women were all in for one another and wouldn’t leave each other no matter what. When the one was finally brought down by a sniper the other refused to go peacefully and decided to take out their enemies along with her in the end. Addiction to love and to the idea of another person is a very strong thing indeed.

2. Hey Brother

This has to be one of the most popular songs ever created by Avicii, and one of the few that has been used in different forms of media since its release. The bond of brotherhood is something that isn’t to be questioned most times and is able to sustain a person throughout the miles and years that come. No matter how far or how near one might be, their bond will always be there in one form or another.

1. Wake Me Up

Life is a journey, that much is evident the moment we open our eyes and begin to experience the world around us. But the kind of journey that we experience is up to each individual and how their eyes become open. Walking through the sea of faces and finding oneself is the trick that each and every person has to discover for themselves. Being different, being able to open your eyes and realize this, is the realization that comes to those that embrace those differences and strive to find their own path rather than follow one that’s been laid down for them.

Avicii’s talent was enormous and lost too soon. Rest in peace young man.

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