10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Bolger

It’s hard to know what to think about Sarah Bolger really since she’s been in some interesting films and shows but she’s never seem to step up and be counted as one of the elite just yet. It almost feels as though someone else is going to have to bestow that honor upon her as she seems either too humble or not quite ready for it yet. The best thing about her though is that she does manage to give a great performance, which makes it all the more confusing to think why she hasn’t broken out as a big star just yet. Maybe her time is coming, after all she’s still pretty young and has a lot of time left to give in order to really jump into the spotlight and do something great.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She played alongside her real-life sister, AS her sister in a film.

Some might think that would be a very easy role to step into simply because siblings know how the other thinks and it would be almost like being at home once again just acting as normal as can be. But for a role it seems like it would be at least a little difficult to not revert back to form, meaning they would have to really concentrate not to act as they do when they’re around each other off camera.

9. Her favorite film is The Fugitive.

As far as Harrison Ford films go this is one of his best really and it’s a fun film to watch. The only problem is that it was followed up by a sequel of sorts and was therefore made into kind of a joke. But the movie is still pretty enjoyable.

8. She stars in Once Upon A Time.

Much like the Disney character in the cartoons Aurora doesn’t do much in Once Upon A Time, standing more as a figurehead than anything and taking up space. Don’t get me wrong, she plays the part wonderfully, but next to characters such as Mulan, Belle, and even Rumplestiltskin she’s kind of mundane in that she doesn’t always seem to have a definitive purpose in mind. It was still nice to see her added into the mix.

7. She was in The Spiderwick Chronicles.

The magical world of trolls, hobgoblins, and other fey creatures comes to life in this film as three kids and their mother move into an old home that was once owned by a man that simply disappeared. His daughter, who is in a psychiatric hospital, is able to tell the kids just what they need to do in order to destroy the book that the ogre is after and thereby save themselves and the world.

6. She’s a minister of the Eucharist.

What this means is that she is able to assist the minister and hand out the sacramental wine and wafers. She’s been doing this since she was 17 and really seems to enjoy it.

5. She loves her home but stays in LA for the work.

It’s great to enjoy your home but a lot of times it’s necessary to go where the work is. A lot of us probably have a home in mind that we’d love to go to and stay for as long as we can, but the work is what has to come first so that we can finally get there.

4. She’s been acting since 1999.

Sarah’s been acting from a young age so she’s kind of grown up in the business and has likely seen a lot that has helped to shape her career and help her to develop as a person throughout the years.

3. She stars in Into the Badlands.

This post-apocalyptic show is pretty interesting since it focuses on the strange balance of power that is held by the barons and their armies. The show focuses on many different individuals and a lot of them are extremely well-trained as this is a harsh world where people either survive or they do not based upon the type of power they possess or the skills they have to back it up.

2. She is Catholic.

Some people enjoy their religion and the fact that it sustains and keeps them in various ways. Others eschew religion and tend to go their own way. It’s a personal choice that everyone makes and throughout our lives we all come to question faith in one way or another. Sarah however absolutely loves her faith and her place in the church as it’s one of the many things that she has allowed to define her as a person.

1. Her father is a butcher.

You can definitely say that she came from humbler beginnings than some but she has managed to create a career that has been pretty impressive so far.

It’s a big hope that she’ll start taking on bigger roles in the future.

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