10 Things You Didn’t Know about Susie Abromeit

Depending on how attentive you are to the coming and going of stars you might have heard about Susie Abromeit or you might have not. She’s been an active person when it comes to the movie and TV industries but she’s also someone that might not have reached the kind of status that some people are willing to acknowledge just yet. Just because she’s not plastered all over the silver screen doesn’t mean much however as she’s been building a career for a while now that has seen her do a few amazing things and gain a level of notoriety that is well beyond what an average person would enjoy. So if you haven’t heard of her just give it some time as she seems to be fully enjoying what she’s doing and will likely be around for a while yet to come.

In the meantime, here’s a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She’s a singer/songwriter too.

Susie’s love for the arts is pretty well documented at this point and her ambition is something that can’t be contained. This is great really since having something that’s either on the side or running concurrent with her career in acting is a big up for anyone since it gives them something else to do and focus on when there’s nothing going on in their primary career at the moment. That and it can be another way to gain exposure too.

9. She stars in Jessica Jones.

She gets to be something of a naughty girl in the series as she does get to kind of make out with Carrie-Ann Moss at some point and even interact with the star of the show. Her role isn’t the most important but it’s definitely noticeable and would be missed if she was suddenly yanked from the show. That’s a big vote of confidence since she happens to be a part of the program that is there to make it somewhat better.

8. She was an outstanding student at Duke University.

She was on the honor roll and made the Dean’s List as well. Anyone that’s ever been been college knows just how hard this is at a community college, but at a university where it gets so much more intense something like this a major accomplishment in one’s college career.

7. She’s been skiing since she was 2.

You can imagine by now that she’s able to take on just about any run and dominate it if she’s kept up on her skiing at this point in her life. This is the kind of woman that it would no doubt be very fun to go skiing with as she’d probably teach you a thing or two.

6. She is an ambassador for Not for Sale.

This is an organization that works against child trafficking. She’s been a part of it for some time now and is adamant about their efforts to halt and even stop the influx of children that are being bought and sold throughout the world.


5. She’s an excellent tennis player.

In fact she’s more than excellent, she was ranked sixth overall in the US. This what actually got her into Duke on a full scholarship. So you can imagine what it might be like trying to play against her. Unless you’re that good she’d likely smoke anyone off the court.

4. Her acting career started in 2007.

She’s been in a fair number of productions since then but it could be that she’s just getting started as she seems to really enjoy her career and is ready to do more. That kind of zeal is nice to see since it means that she’ll be likely to get into her part a lot more and really give everything she’s got to the role.

3. For some reason her sexual preferences are still questioned.

It was kind of assumed that she might have been a lesbian or bisexual since she’s played the part of a lesbian. But for all intents and purposes she seems like men so that should be something of an indicator that she has no confusion when it comes to who she likes to be with. Of course the rumors and gossip will continue for as long as they’re allowed to do so.


2. She was dating a fellow tennis player, a male, for a while.

Susie has dated a few high-profile men in her life and has never made much of an issue about it as her private life is something she tends to keep to herself a lot. In many ways that’s a good thing since to be honest we don’t need to know EVERYTHING about every celebrity.

1. She’s a big fan of romance in real life.

Susie loves a confident man and she likes being romanced, which is touching in a way since she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and a love of the simpler things in life.

Right now her career is definitely rolling along on a good note.

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