Tamar Braxton Shaves Head Completely Bald On Instagram

Ever notice how stars like to be vague for no apparent reason other than those they keep to themselves? Tamar Braxton seems to be doing this in the act of shaving her head bald on Intagram and then announcing that she’s free of wigs, weaves, people’s comments, her own feelings, and so on and so forth. When she states that ‘we can stop these things from having power over us’ it’s still not entirely clear just what she’s talking about. Having the song My Prerogative blasting while she’s getting her head shaved seems to make another point that this is something she’s doing for herself and it’s nobody else’s business. That seems kind of contradictory then if she has to post it on Instagram. Honestly, think about it.

Stars have these great platforms that they can use for wonderful causes and it really seems like Braxton is trying to make good on that kind of thing here but the vague nature of her statement is a true head-scratcher of a moment since it seems to be something far more personal that should probably have been a byline and nothing else. When stars begin to think that people want to hear and see everything they do they’re not wrong, but whether it’s newsworthy or not is kind of a subjective thing that a lot of celebrities tend to miss the point on. You want to shave your head to feel free by all means go ahead, but putting it on Instagram to make a statement is something that begs for a just a little more explanation than a vague line that’s been stated many different times for many different causes.

Usually when people shave their heads it’s to show solidarity or some form of sympathy for those that are going through some type of adversity. Or it’s a charitable act, or a dare.  But this just feels like a bid to get some attention for something that she might be going through that really isn’t worth being in the public eye. It does seem like she’s trying to make a good point but it also seems like the hair she lost might have covered up that point in the process. Perhaps she’ll be more forthcoming in the days yet to come but right now it’s bound to make a lot of people say ‘huh?” and ‘what in the world is she talking about?’. Perhaps this is one of the failings of Instagram, that it’s used in the kind of way that made people start to wonder just what real use Facebook was to anyone when they started posting random stuff that no one really cared about. It seems when someone’s making a point worth making these days that they still can’t be clear enough to allow everyone else to understand.

From the outset it really seems that she’s rebelling against having hair, in which case she’s succeeded obviously. But despite the inherent hilarity of this it still doesn’t seem like that’s the case.

✂️ finally free

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