Things Continue to Get Worse for Scott Baio: Another Allegation Hits

Things are looking even worse for Scott Baio at this point since another allegation has just hit. It’s already been known for a little while now that he’s under fire from former costar Nicole Eggert when it comes to the allegations of his sexual misconduct with her, but now there’s another allegation that he was abusive towards another costar, Alexander Polinsky, who played Adam Powell on the show Charles in Charge. As it happens Alexander is now claiming that he witnessed Baio being inappropriate with Eggert behind the scenes and Eggert has already claimed that Baio penetrated her while she was still under age.

Sigh, all these allegations that have been made and all the articles and all the comments yet to come, and I’m fully inviting them by trying to be judicious. On the one hand if Baio was guilty of verbally bashing Alexander as has been claimed and was guilty of being inappropriate with Eggert then the time to speak up would have been after the show had ended at the latest, not thirty years later when nothing can be done about it. That’s not to say that nothing happened, but the idea that it could have ruined the show and the reputations of those involved is very real. People have been blacklisted for ‘causing trouble’ on a set in the past, and Eggert’s concerns in that matter were easy to understand. Also, there’s no call for any actor to be inappropriate with their costars, especially if they’re underage and are supposed to be able to trust one another.

But the problem doesn’t lie with who did what at this point, it’s with the credibility of the individuals involved. The facts are hard to ignore since Eggert, when asked if she keeps in touch with Baio, claimed that she kept in contact with his wife via Facebook. Who does that? This man that wronged you so horribly so long ago in such a way that you contemplated suicide, as she’s stated she did, should be the last person you want anything to do with, and yet you contact his wife via Facebook. Does she think that nothing of what they say will get back to Scott? There’s one huge minus to her credibility. Another is the sheer amount of time it took for her to speak up, as with everyone else that’s waited for so long, even past the point when their careers were either solid enough to take the hit or finished, in which case there was nothing to lose by revealing the truth.

People throw the idea around that it’s so difficult to come forward and I won’t deny that it probably is. Denying someone their right to feel powerless is after all what the country is coming to it seems. That sounded extremely contradictory didn’t it? If you’re too afraid there’s no shame in cowering in fear of what happened decades ago? It’s right to say that a lot of us don’t understand and couldn’t possibly do so, but after this much time to finally come forward, when their careers are done and their fame is gone, it looks awfully suspicious. Worse yet, it has the appearance of a trend at this point.

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