What Tomi Lahren Would Sound Like as an 80s Pop Singer

So who is Tomi Lahren? And why would anyone think of seeing what she might be like as an 80’s singer? Well, in response to the first question she’s a political commentator that works for the Great America Alliance and is a contributor to Fox News. She’s also a huge personality on Facebook as her views have made her stand out from the rest of the pack. Her stance on many issues in the country has made her a rather interesting figure since she seems to make good points on several key issues while swinging far wide of many others. She’s been lauded as one of the greatest voices in the media as of this year and vilified by others as a rather racist woman that has little to no filter on the words she speaks. Those that watch and listen to her have their own opinions but in truth it seems like Tomi is the kind of person that might play both sides just enough to be sure that she keeps her options open.

So why would we want to see what she’d be like as an 80’s singer? That’s good question but the result in the clip below is amusing enough that you might want to just see for yourself. As I already said some of her viewpoints seem to be on par with what a lot of people are thinking, but then she tends to go off the rails and offends the very people she might have been winning over. She makes no apologies for this and that’s fine since the freedom of speech means she can say what she wants. We don’t always have to listen however.

After listening to several other clips of her show and how she goes on and on about various issues I can say just from my standpoint, my own and no one else’s, that I think I’d give Tomi a wide berth. She’s not the worst person in the world, not even close, but the words that she speaks might seem a little offensive to some and even hurtful to others. Like I said though she makes no apologies and even if she did they might ring a little false since the chances are good that it would be the network forcing her to do so.

There’s no need to bash her or bring her down, but the clip does seem to indicate that as an 80’s singer her own words would do that for her. Whoever made the clip obviously doesn’t like Tomi all that much. Personally I don’t know the woman or her work well enough to comment but just listening to her for a bit it seems like she’s well-schooled in how to rub people the wrong way. The question however is if it’s all an act or if she really believes every word that’s coming out of her mouth. The only reason I say this is the controversy that came from her admitting to being pro-abortion instead of taking her stance before this as an anti-abortionist. This is the wrong thing to be hedging your bets on and unfortunately for Tomi it did get her suspended from TheBlaze, the show she was featured on before going to the Great America Alliance.

Love or hate her, she might have made a decent 80’s singer had she been alive back then.

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