The Top Five Most Thankless Jobs in Hollywood

Hollywood is responsible for making numerous stars. It is a place that many wish to go and enjoy a thriving career. It is particularly perfect for individuals who want to pursue employment in the film industry. There are plenty of opportunities that job seekers can explore in LA allowing a person to follow their dream and engage in what they are passionate about.  However, it is quite sad that some people end up working very hard, but their efforts go unnoticed on a regular basis. They seldom get a pat on their backs for a job well done. Some might even work for many years without hearing the words thank you! Below we look at examples of the top thankless jobs in Hollywood.

Boom Operators

Not many people recognize boom operators who work extremely hard during various productions. These are the professionals who hold boom microphones usually at uncomfortable angles for extended periods. The experts are also responsible for positioning smaller mics in a bid to achieve the perfect sound. They are supposed to be keen so that they or their equipment do not end up on the shots. It is a position that requires a person to have powerful biceps and shoulders. They should also have a good memory to know about upcoming dialogues to know where they will place the boom. In most cases, especially when a person is viewing the final product, they do not recognize boom operators. Many people only think about the cast, producers, and directors.

First Assistant Director

Many people who have previously worked in this position agree that it is high stress and there is a possibility of getting anxiety or ulcers. They are supposed to plan especially during pre-production stage efficiently. The experts must think fast on their toes as they are the individuals behind reworking and organizing schedules if something does not go according to plan to make deadlines, save money, and ensure sanity. The directors are also in charge of keeping and maintaining databases of everyone for pay purposes and combing through scripts to identify any particular effects or props that the production requires.

Script Supervisors

The professionals are also part of the people who engage in the most thankless jobs in Hollywood. They often go by the name “scripty” have to go through scripts in details to notice and manage all the minutes and all aspects of the set that may seem insignificant. They must ensure continuity of the productions so that one scene does not disconnect with the previous one or the next. It is where they look at things like whether an actor or an actress has buttoned up their shirts/jackets in individual shots so that in the next he or she has the same look. While no one will thank them for the job they do, they do not hear the end of it if they end up making one mistake.


These are talents who stay on standby and may end up taking the role of an actor or actress if something was to go wrong. To be part of this team, one has to meet necessary appearance requirements like skin tone, height, hair color and weight. Their job requires them just to stand around while the camera and lighting crews sync equipment to suit the production’s specifications. The position can be time-consuming and tedious because mostly they end up pulling in the same hours as the crew and cast.


Interns have to feature in the most thankless jobs in Hollywood. Just like in any other industry, they are over-labored, and no one appreciates them enough. It is also one of the least rewarded and enjoyable jobs. In addition to overworking, most do not get enough compensation. In most cases, they are out of everyone’s sight and have to do the jobs that no one else wants to touch. These can include things like getting coffee and other meals for their bosses or guarding equipment so that no one steals or damages it.

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