Entertainment Weekly: Rubicon Season Finale Has Haunting Ending

“If I was a wee bit disappointed in just how muted Bromell was willing to allow the conclusion to become, I have since realized that I’ve been thinking a lot about that ending. It’s haunting. It also allows you to see how the series can proceed into an engrossing second season.”

Ken Tucker shared his views on the Rubicon season finale, “You Never Can Win,” through his Entertainment Weekly column, and I have to say, I’m pretty scared. Rubicon has been nothing but haunting since it premiered, and the closer of last week’s episode, I have to say, I’ve been haunted all week. That show managed to be the scariest on television within the course of five minutes, and it kept me thinking all week. If “You Never Can Win” is even half as shocking, it should be all kinds of crazy.

What else did Tucker share about the finale? Let’s take a look:

• Someone gets promoted; someone gets demoted.

• Annie Parisse’s Andy: revelation time!

You will, along with Miranda Richardson’s Katherine, learn the significance of Meet Me in St. Louis that her late husband Thomas wanted her to know. (No Judy Garland musical has carried the weight of more suspense since as children we sat at the edge of our seats hoping Dorothy Gale would be able to click her red slippers and return to Kansas in The Wizard of Oz.)

You will see more four-leaf clovers in the finale — they are, of course, this show’s equivalent of the Godfather severed horse head.

My guess on the promotion/demotion? Will gets demoted and replaced by Grant. That’s been building up all season, and how else can Spangler hope to control Will if he can’t kill him?

I have no idea what’s happening with Andy, Katherine, or the clovers… I thought we’d seen the last of Andy, while I have no idea how the conspiracy and Tom’s attempt to stop it will go on. I think Spangler’s going to get a clover, though. In fact, after seeing him clash with the rest of his Fisher Island crew, I’d say it’s very, very likely.

Rubicon airs tonight on AMC at 9/8c.

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