Ernie Hudson Says New Ghostbusters Movie was a Spiritual Experience

Ghostbusters Stay Puft

It’s a bit frustrating to be honest but instead of coming out next month, Ghostbusters: Afterlife will be headed to theaters early next year instead, and a lot of fans are notably excited about. Even more special than that however is the feeling that came over Ernie Hudson, aka Winston Zedemore, when he and his costars put on the well-recognized jumpsuits again. For Ernie was a fairly spiritual experience since as he explains he’s seen all of them from time to time over the years, but being back on set and getting down to business again is likely a heady experience since the last time that the guys suited up for this kind of thing was decades ago. Back then Ernie earned his way onto the team in the first movie and according to a lot of people he was either seen as a stereotype or just an add-on that wasn’t needed, but to be completely fair he was the odd man out since he didn’t have a doctorate and was the only black man on the team. But apart from all that, which didn’t mean much in the long run, Ernie made his way through the movie and had a few very memorable lines and was definitely a part of the group no matter that he came in a little later. Imagine being the working stiff that runs with a group of doctors that follow paranormal phenomenon and knows nothing about what they’re doing other than catching ghosts. Yeah, now it makes sense doesn’t it? Winston wasn’t any less of a team member for not having a degree, but he was definitely a part of the team since he stuck with them from the moment he started to the end of second movie.

As Ernie and Dan Aykroyd have both explained it, the absence of Harold Ramis, aka Egon Spengler, is definitely going to be felt since he was a founding member of the team and the brains of the operation. But thankfully it does sound as though he’s going to be represented in a big way, and just judging by the trailer he’ll have already made a big contribution by the time the movie starts, as the outfits, Ecto-1, and other items reminiscent of the bespectacled genius will be making an appearance in the movie as has been shown. Right now all we know is that the third movie is going to be a type of love letter to the fans, who have been waiting for something positive since the second movie, and who were pretty disgusted with the 2016 reboot as the backlash from the movie was definitely anything but kind. To be realistic the reboot had a few memorable scenes and the comedians in the movie are all funny ladies without any doubt, but this just wasn’t the movie and it wasn’t the time to be trying to reinvent the wheel. With Afterlife the story will pick up years later as fans really wanted to see and will be taking place in what looks like a small town atmosphere where a strange hole leading down is apparently about to disgorge a ton of strange phenomena. Given the fact that there’s no shortage of ideas that could be worked on when it comes to ghosts, this feels like it could be another movie that we’ll be cheering for, but hopefully all the hype that’s bound to come will be worth it since if anyone remembers the sequel did get a bit cheesy in a few spots.

So long as there’s no mood slime this time it does sound as though everything will be just fine, though of course some people enjoyed the slime and its strange effects since there could have been a large number of stories stemming from that idea lone considering that a river of the stuff ran beneath the city of New York. Maybe there’s a connection, maybe not, but whatever the case it does sound as though Ernie and the guys had fun working on it and are excited to see what people think of the third movie. As far as the guys go this definitely feels like it should be the last of their ghostbusting adventures since each one of them is getting up there in years and realistically the Ghostbusters had a pretty hard and very physical job. But then again, we’ll have to wait and see if they pass the torch to the next generation or if they’re going to be good to go for a while, perhaps in the mentor role. All that’s really important at this time is that we do know that the movie is coming eventually and the guys are feeling pretty good about it. All we can do now is wait and keep the rumor mill grinding away as we get more updates now and then.

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